Sunday, October 3, 2010

~** PeYOT keCoT KendOr?? (StOmacH shRinkinG)

Since I've plenty of free time n in d mood of writing...(ceehhh!!)
I'm here to share n wanted some of ur opinion...
Lately I was facing a problem where I could not eat as mac as I like..
I heard voices said "Hey!!that's gud..u'r not gonna b fat"..."Wow!! I want to be like u!!"...
Errrgh...that's not helping me...the truth is..I was suffering!!!

Imagine I'm full after 1 or 2 spoons of fried rice or delicious nc lemak....
What the..........I want more!!so I'll force them till I feel like throwing up...
I'll stop eating 4 a while..chit chating for an hour(tipu gilee!!)then continue to finish them as I dont like to throw them out...huhu
Believe me..I dont want to miss every single of the meals...(poyo)

~**How food goes into stomach **

I'll definitely finish with successful after a strong force and maintaining not to throw up...Then later another problem occur...My stomach was bloating n everything is jugling up inside...I can feel those food was at my esophagus n keep pushing one into another wanted to go out...(sory..I've put drama inside..hehe)
I can also feel the stomach acid at my throat..n burping surely doesnt even good thing that time...(eeewwwww!!cant 4get the feeling)
And after all I've to throw them out...then my stomach said "TQ for bringing all the junks out..."(waaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaa)

Does my stomach shrink??I keep asking again n again evrytime I cant finish any of my meal..
Myb "he's" been resting 4 quite some time..then that's why I'm suffering now...(ridiculous me..)
I've not eating properly for past 4months (WOOW!!slap myself~**its "months" n not "days")
I'll eat wheneva I feel like too..Usually eating once a day is just enough for me...n the meal is a bottle of drinking water with some piece of bread...DONE!!(huhu)
Sometimes I dont even bother to eat..I only DRINK!!(dont u guyz think it's enough??)

I've been asking bout my theory to one of my buddies (sorry..I burdened u that day)...he also think the same as I,my stomach does SHRINK!!(wak luuu!!!)hehe...^_^
And I've sooooo much free time..I go googling on the net n asked " DOES OUR STOMACH SHRINK??...
the answers are not very satisfiying as everything was about dieting n asking how to shrink their stomach...but as I move on I've stumbled across "9 suprising Facts about ur Stomach"...(yeay!!)

The article does help a answers all the puzzling quiz in my mind...(I'm going to quote some of the answer..myb next time I can share with u guyz the whole article)..The article wrote by a Gastroenterologist, David Greenwald MD is roughly about all the myth regarding our tummy..

Here's the answer....
Myth or Fact : If u cut down on ur food intake, u'll eventually shrink ur stomach so u wont b as hungry...
Answ : Myth :- Once u r an adult, ur stomach pretty much remains the same size--unless u hav surgery to intentionally make it smaller. Eating less wont shrink ur stomach,says Moyad, but it can help to reset ur "appettite thermostat" so u won't feel as hungry, and it may b easier to stick with ur eating plan.....^_^

The conclusion is...there's no such thing as stomach shrink...If sumone came to u n told that his or hers is shrink..U r allowed to laugh on their "jokes"(thats cruel)..or u can tell them about the truth fact...(ok,that one sounds better)

There's also suggestion that I go to see a doctor n have a check on answer is NO!!!they'r going to play with my body..inserting a cam through my digestive tract..n it is surely a big NO NO NO!!!I'm not going to allow that...urgh!!!can u imagine a cam is put into ur stomach (that's still cn b consider) but u'r force to drink a very bad taste of fleet phosphosoda...NO WAY!!!!It's a nitemare (as 1 of my frend told)..YES!!u'r force to do stomach emptying!!I dont want to do that....(a bit childish..dush!!dush!!)

~** Someone is going to be mad at me after reading diz...huhu (peace!!)

p/s :-

1) Today I only drank and eat chips + supplement (that's sure make me healthy)..pffffttttt!!!

2) I'm craving for pasta rite now...nyumm2!!

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