Tuesday, October 12, 2010

.:: BaTin ku MenJerIt Lg ::.

~** Akupon xpaham nape brahi bbnor ngn jerit2 nih...myb can release my stress kot...Laaaayaaaaaaannnnn!!!

Why I'm screaming???

This "lovely dear" college always put me on hot temperature...(very nice with the sun scorching bright)

Yesterday, after I had done with "super gud" and awesome OSCE...en zainal asked me to see Pn Raha at exm unit..urrrgghhh!!Wut now??!!(I know why)..I went to see her and she asked "Haa,apecite??dh jmpe org account?"...lorgh..jez now asked me to go there bt now???alaaaaaaa...this might b cuz of d fees...bosaaan tol laaaa ngn kolej mate duitan dad didnt pay 4 sem 5 yet so they r threatening me that I cannot sit 4 my next paper....mmg cialis!!!

I texted to mak n abh...mak called me tellling that abh was at KL n asked me to tell abh staright away..I told abh everything n also told him that I dont want to talk to that ^$^&*#@ account personel..menyakitkn at je ckp ngn Last abh called me again n asked me to see Pn Salmi (the account personel) after having a nego with her...actually abh had straight away pay for the fees...I'm very mad cuz there's a lot of the students who didnt pay their fees and yet they hunt me down cuz I'm self sponsored!!geram btol n alwiz use the same trick to make us to pay...
I'm very mad cuz abh need to come n show then the bank draft the next day...Luckily he was in KL..klu x??(of coz cannot sit for the exm)

THANK U ABAH!!!sorry kkak dh sshkn abh....
N I had try my best during the exm..insyaallah...
abh came on the day I'm going to sit 4 retail pharmacy's paper...
I've promise myself that I'm going to do my best n become a successful in the future cuz I want to give him a pay back...Of cos I couldnt afford to pay all in the return but at least I could contribute something to make him proud of me...

WaaaaaaarrrrGgggghhh!!!I hate diz college so mac!!

p/s :-

1) I think I survive during this exm...huhu

2) Later will definitely gonna reveal the truth...huhu

3) Love that I hav 3 weeks of holiday..yeaay!!!!

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