Saturday, October 2, 2010

.:: PanDa GurL ::.

~**It is very amazing dat I'm still awake at diz time...(mind u its 5.40am)
Dont b shock if u c an ugly lil panda gurl walking at a mall....
That's me!!!(jiiiiieeeeeeesssh)

~** Sleepy panda = me

I wish I could settled up as fast as I could...
If only if it is hapen to be..I'm a very brilliant gurl who can type 1000 words in a sec..
I could have right I'll definitely having a very good sleep on a not very good bed rite now..^_^ (i love the way i lie..hihi)..Pffft!!
Serve me rite 4 being such an excellent PROCASTINATOR...(Boooooooooo!!!)
All the gurls hav printed their case study n all PLUS submitted the slides...
Leaving me all ALONE burning the midnite oil struggling with the **** case study...(yaaaiiiikkks..very pathetic)
Act,I've no gut n moods to complete those thingy..If I could b more focus I would now snoring on the bed (AGAIN!!)..

Thanx to a very supportive deary doc who had sent diz to me.....(I really mean it) coz I was complaining of xde mood n BORED!!!
"HAHAHA.kna pkse la ada ke x mud tuh.klu nk tggu mood datg~da branak lapan pon blom tntu lg dia mai.HAHAHA**g laa relax2 dlu tenangkan fikiran jap."

(Branak 8?? way!!!hehe...^_^)

~**Slap forehead**coz I was watching a movie dat time n promise him to do it least keep my promise to u...c my eye is wide open till now (its half close actually..hiiiii=)))
Thanx dear for making me staying up to diz time to complete my case 1 more day left b4 handing the slide's presentation..(CHaiyok2!!!) I'm not done with The statistic yet...::sigh::.

I think I need a new specs afterward...yeah!!I've been torturing my eyeballs staring at the laptops non-stop in a week or a month for the matter of truth...(I'm heartless..huuu)..myB a thick lenses would b great...THANK YOU for the nice "gift" dearest CASE STUDY!!!I'll transform into a nerdy lil specky PANDA gurl...(2 thumbs up!!applause2!!) T___T
~** After isn't tooo bad..hehe
p/s :-
1) I really need a short sleep..promise u its gonna b SHORT!!!(hey!! i mean it!!)


  1. dEar PanDa's GurL,
    Be suRe to SLeep Well,Get EnoF waTer & Food, and da moSt iMportanT is FiniSh Ur Luv LeTTEr to Ur LuVely LecTurer..hehe!take good care of ur health..

  2. Ooooh I might consider doing all that after I'm done...tonite will finish all..insyaallah..don wory I've got 4 days of holiday to cover up..yeayh!!party all day long!!!HAHAHAHA...
    Thanx 4 ur concern...u tooo take care!! ^_~