Monday, October 18, 2010

.:: MenJeRit dGN GiRaNg ::.

~** Ok..I luv to shout n scream...hehe...pardon me cuz I really cant help myself to take out the "JERIT" from my post's title...^_~

Allow me....YEEEAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!(shouting with joy)

My sem5 final exm finally ended....alhamdulillah!!!!
After these n that I finish with a relief .::sigh::. huhu
Hmmm, a lil bit info regarding my exm...

~** OSCE
-->>Question asked on GIT (Peptic Ulcer Dz n GERD)..I really hate the idea that we had to sit along the corridor to the mini pharmacy one by one like "jaga"..(it was mdm pushPOP idea!!)..msT bdk2 len ingt ktorunk kene denda...konon2 that's d best way to quarantine us laaa???in fact..we still discussing the answer...HAHAHAHAHA
I dont know the purpose of doing this OSCE cuz we've done diz last sem...our seniors only do this OSCE at once...duwh!!they repeat almost same question..(mcm edit sket2 je dr dlu)..I dont like the viva part where Mr Pasha,act as our "patient" asked lots of quetions..pleaz tell me if there's a patient that asked a definition of Peptic Ulcer Dz...adooooiiihhh!!!

~** Retail Pharmacy
-->> Alhamdulillah cuz it was only a MEQ(esay like questions) I think I made 1 mistake about one question of differentiate btw debit n credit card...I've write the correct answer bt then I change it last min (waaaaaaa!!!regret it!!spatutnye xyah tukar!ilang 4marks..baru jek nk dptkn full marks..wuuwuu)..xpe2..redha jek...uhuk

~** MUET (speaking) & ATM (Alternative Medicine)
-->> I think I'm doing bad 4 my speaking..I speaked nonsense..(waaaaaaa!!ssh gile nk elaborate point die..I'm repeating my point)..unlucky us got hard points to elaborate...(_ _") skali lg...redha...(thanx awop mnenangkn diri ini kmbali) day was very terrible cuz I've to focus on two things..both rr very important...

-->>Overall the MCQ (objective) is very tricky cuz the answers are quite similar...n I
suddenly cannot remember the cause of illness in Traditional Chinese Med...My mind only contain about Qi(chee)..Yin & Yang..ahaaaks2..seb bek last minit it slipped out from the brain...THANK U!!

~** MUET (tipu2..means english laaa)
-->> actually I've no mood to sit for this "tipu2"...aci blasah je comprehension n 2 essays writing...then MERDEKA!!!! ^_^ Holiday tymo oooohhhh!!.::dancing::.dancing::.



Sgt seronok....
sumenye x dirancang...aku yg ngntok bengong2 sbb xtido 1 ari jwb call zana pon dgn weng2...zana ajak pg t'ganu on saturday coz nk g visit ank buah beliau kt dungun...if i would to follow I'm welcome..hehe
seems I've no plan at all...
Dgn laju nye bgn dr tido n kemas2 ape yg patut...
knk2 kt umah tu sume pelik ngn aku...ahaaaaks2

Wooooossssh!!ke damansara...kueng3
(mls nk cite pjg2..tros pd cite cuT..hehe)
Seawal 3am aku dh bgn mndi...sgt semangat ye....doh kate nye nok btolak 4am...ihik2
padahal pale weng2..(not enough sleep)aku xtau laaaa si emy ngn acunye tido kol bape cuz I was very fatigue...(nok pecoh palo sero)..kami b'4(aku,emy,zana n zuraida) pon memulakn p'jalanan d pagi yg hening t'sebot...(koya laaa)...b'henT solat suboh kol 6am kt temerloh kemudian stereng b'tuka tgn krn pmandu utama sgt laaa mngantok...then we stop by Gambang to refuel...continue our journey to ganu....

haiiiiiyaaaaaaahhh!!!We arrived at 7.30am and went to cherating 1st cuz its still early and k.shidah was left far back behind us cuz they depart after suboh....
Weeeeeeeeee!!!!FYI...this is my first time stepping into t'ganu...(sgt kesian kn??)..ko jahat zana gelak kn aku....kami b'meditasi d tepi pantai yg indah...nyaman nyeeeeeeee!!!

~** K.A.M.I @ Cherating.....

.::grong2::.(cm2 ke bunyi perot??blasah ler)Alaamak..perot terasa lapar laak...konon2 nk mkn nc ntah bape kedai dh lepas n we hav our bekfes at one of the hawker stall by the roadside...we'r having nc lemak n milo ais...1 thing that i notice that their nc lemak is different from us cuz they use ikan ayer2 (aku tipu nm ikan..sbenanye xtau) rebus instead of fried lebey kuang nc dgg dh kot...blasah jelaaaaa!!!

~** The Nc Lemak....

Later on we continue our journey and pass by a few beaches (santeq sgt!!)..n also the Petronas oil place at Paka with lots n lots of pipes go was such a nice scene n sadly I cannot show the pic to u guyz coz we'r not allowed to take photo here...(slap myself 4 being that naive)..We stopped by at Mak Tam's house cuz Yaa wuz there (xjd pg dungun)..and end up making ourself really at home...(tn umah xde..amek alih laa) sume t'bongkang tido ok...(comey kn??) ^_^
Wake up call upon k.shidah arrival and our eyes were wide open to c a plate full of SATA (t'ganu delicacies)..tapai ubi (kot..blasah je)..langsat(agaknye ler sbb aku xtau sgt..hihi)..n a few sticks of lemang + serunding dgg...waaaaaaaaaaa!!!

~** Jeng..jeng..jeng....

~** Zu dgN leMang2 nye...

N after that kerahan tenaga d dapor pon b'mule...mcm2 ummi beli..ade ikan..udang..pucuk paku pakis..ummi nk msk ikn msk lemak..kerabu PUCUK paku..gulai ikan(mak tam dh msk)..ikn goreng...waaaaaaahhhhh!!bnyk gile laaauk (ttbe perot b'keroncong ooh)..n tmbahan smbal petai udang yg d msk oleyh aku (sedap ke zana??hihi)...FYI..I'm very dumb when it comes to cook the traditional dish..(sumpah aku xreT!!)...sengal ke xsengal aku pg lurut jek paku pakis tu sume sekali...HAHAHAHAHAHA...xtau pulak aku amek pucuk jek or yg muda belia..sbenanye aku xnk bazir laaaa (cover line)..klu ummi xtegor msT sume org akn mkn kerabu paku pakis yg keras (it does sound very hard .::paku::. kih3)-->>ampun kn bakal mnantu mu wahai bakal mak mentua... ^_^

~**Lesson #1 of the day...p laaa blajaq msk ngn tok..hoho

Kami melantak dgn hebatnye...lantak laaa nk GERD ke ape..pas mkn tido LAGII (diorunk je aku x..hehe)..then when the evening come sume nye excited nk pg b'mnD-mnda (xjoin mnd sbb2 t'tentu..ehe)d laut..we went to Pantai Temasik n njoying our very damn BIG squid fried flour (sotong grg tepong.kih3) that cost RM20(WOOOWW!!) + kerepok lekor (a must eat) n a few other snacks..

~** Sutun Mahal dh abeh...hehe

On the way back we've witnessed an accident (sgt ngeri) between a motorcycle n a happen very fast n we were put in shock 4 a sec..(zana ngn emy telah meraung dgn hebatnye..hihi) imagine u'r watching an action movie of car crashing on a motorbike...stupid driver who faulty the red traffic lites..buta warna kot!!!(.::dush!!::.mrh diri sndiri jugak..hehe)..from the way of the victims "fly" I can say that they broke their spine (spinal injury) n they r not moving (fainted kot)..[hope nothing bad hapen to them]

~** Lesson #2 of the day...RED is for stop..YELLOW is for slowing down..and GREEN is for speeding (ok..kidding..hehe)

We went back to Temerloh dat nite n I cannot stay awake to make zana an accompany and leaving her driving all alone...hehe..gomenasai~~**lethargic attack...sleep all the way back..huhu
After taking my bath I bump my butt on the cozy bed @ andak's house...waaaaahhhh!!!sleep soundly till morning come....Lastly, spending times at zana's house n went back to damansara at 7pm...Safely arrived at 9.30pm...Alhamdulillah~**

p/s :-

1) Thanx zana for the short holiday was a memorable one indeed...^_^

2) Sgt holiday for 1month!!


  1. OMG u should write on..i'm not meraung.."i just crazyly crying like babies"hahhahaa..its just too scary n i'm having nite mare for almost 3 times on that scene..

  2. hoh??
    "i just crazily crying like babies"??ko ingt aku nk benarkn perkara2 mcm2 t'tulis kt blog aku ke???
    Aku paham...aku paham...mmg scary pon...mgkin aku ni xbape nk b'perasaan tu yg xdek effect sgt..

    ~**Drive safely!!