Sunday, October 31, 2010

.:: Yang MaNa 1 IdaMan Qalbu ::.

Adalah bkn mahu b'pok pek mngenai jejaka pilihan...(ooh kecewa kah kamu??)
Sbenanye nk b'kongsi keluar biasaan diri ni b'banding yg lain...
Almost every ppl who know me will claimed that I'm the weird person they've eva met...(apsal laak??lgkap jek tuboh bdn aku??)Alaaaaa...di sebab kn selera mkn aku yg xsame dgn korunk je..tu pon dh kate aku pelik....
Yelaaaaaa...aku laaaa minah salleh muke mcm Aisywarya Rai (hoh??pengsan jap!!)HAHAHAHAHA..myb mase mak ngandong kn aku die mkn western food jek kot??(nnT aku tnye..hehe)
Entry kali ni nk m'diskusi kn ttg buah-buahan yg aku mkn n aku xmkn...
Aku xkesah hape org nk kate "die mkn imported fruit jek..xmen laaa local"..."ngade laaa ko xmkn buah mesia ".." bandar!!cmne nk kawen ngn org kg ni??" (errk??enough ok??)Every human beings have been granted with different of taste buds that's explain why I don't eat wut u eat..(understand!!)

Below is the list of fruits that u must think for zillion times b4 offering them to me..cuz I don't eat

~** Malaysian Tropical Fruits

1) Durian - cannot stand the smell that lead to dizziness

2) Sume jenis Tembikai - dont like the sandy texture..doesnt taste gud too..

3) Longan @ Mata kucing - hate the taste...

4) Papaya @ Betik - pelik jek rase die..xsedap2..huhu

5) Ciku - too sweet n got sandy texture tooo...

6) Dragon Fruit - cant identify the taste n I dont like it...

7) Kelapa (buah kn??hehe) - xsuke2!!!rasenye tidak enak...huhu

Itu jek yg aku ingt...klu ade lg nnT aku tambah...I eat apart from the above that I listed...Wut I can say is..I think my taste bud can only accept fruits that have sour taste...sebagai contoh..epal,orrange,berries,kiwi or peach..ade rs masam2 manis kn??Almost all Malaysian fruits are having very sweet taste compare to the imported one which explain why I luv them so much...

~** Gulp!!meleleh ayaq lioq..=P~

p/s :-

1) Selalu d keji sbb mkn strawberry and kiwi ms kt ssp dlu...(biarlaa..abh saye yg belikn)

2) Tembikai bahgian aku m'jd rebutan d dewan mkn...sume dtg gtau "tora..aku amek part ko tau??" which almost 10 of them came and asked for my permission...HAHAHAHAHAHA

.:: The Answer ::.

Here are the answer...^_^ (untuk entry sblomnya rojok SINI )

1) Bila hujan, xde pulak payung..macam mana kita nak kurang kn kadar kebasahan ?
A) Berjalan
B) Berlari
C) Dua-dua xde beza pon
Ans : A - Berjalan
~** Apabila berlari di dlm hujan air yg turon juga seiring dgn kadar kelajuan kita b'lari jd apabila kita berjalan kurang laaa air yg kene pada kite..mmg laa basah tp KURANG!! cube perhatikan titis ujan pada cermin kereta apabila ari hujan apekah yg berlaku bila kereta di lajukn??titis air makin banyak kn???so,pasni jgn lari, berjalan jek dlm hujan..hehe ^_^

~** Sediakan payung sebelom hujan...

2) Apekah yg akn berlaku bile natrium 100% di campor kn dgn air?
A) Letupan
B) Pembekuan
C) Pendidihan
Ans : A - Letupan
~** Natrium adalah sejenis logam reaktif yg juga terkandung di dlm garam..logam yg reaktif akan meghasilkan POM!! letupan apabila di campur ke dlm kenapa bila kita cmporkn garam dlm air xb'laku letupan??Ini krn garam hanya mngandungi 40% natrium...sia2 jelaaa klu korunk nk cube bwat experiment ni dgn garam..jgn slh kn aku laaak klu experiment korunk tu gagal..

~** POMMM!!Dont try diz at home...

3) Macam mana nak jadikn permukaan puding m'gerutu (kn ade bubbles mmbeku) licin n cantik?
A) Guna hair dryer
B) Balut dgn pembalut plastik makanan
Ans : B - Balut dgn pembalut plastik makanan
~** Apabila puding d balut..p'sekitaran dlm akn mnjadi lembab dan tekanan di dalam nye mmboleyh kn permukaan puding yg m'gerutu m'jd licin-licau(ade ke??)..pas ni klu puding yg korunk wat m'gerutu..xcanteq..balut laaa (ttup) bekas puding dgn wrapper...ok??

~** Oooh..sedapnyeeeeeeee!!!

4) Mcm mana nk keluarkn telur yg direbus(tnpa merubah bentuk) dr sebuah botol yg mmpunyai mulut yg sempit ?
A) Menghayun kn botol dgn kuat
B) Mengetuk botol untuk menghasilkn gelombang bunyi
C) Meniup ke dalam botol dgn kuat
Ans : C - Meniup ke dalam botol dgn kuat
~** Apabila kita meniup ke dalam botol dgn kuat..tiupan kita akn meghasilkan tekanan udara yg lebih kuat d dlm botol b'banding d luar..jd tekanan udara yg kuat d dlm botol dpt mngeluarkn telur dr sebuah botol b'mulut sempit...^_^
Korunk msT t'tanya2 mcm mana pulak nk masok kn telur ke dlm botol td??kate mulot sempit kn??Mule2 bakar gulungan kertas dan masok kn ke dlm botol dan kemudian anda akn dapati telur dpt d masok kn dgn mudah...Kenapa??Gulungan kertas t'bakar yg d masok kn telah mngurangkn kandungan oksigen d dlm botol seterosnye mngurangkan tekanan udara d dlm botol..tekanan udara yg kuat d luar mnyebabkn telur masok ke dlm botol dgn mudah...(menarik kn??)

~** This is the way...

Hope u'r satisfied with the answer...n watch Clever Edisi Malaysia if u want to discover more interesting science facts..

p/s :-

1) Scientist is one of my childhood ambition...^_^

.:: Bijak!!Mmg Bijak!!

Sopo yg bijak ni??
Have u ever heard about it??
Yesterday I've watched the tv for the first time (I'm not a tv freak)..hehe
The whole family doesn't move an inch from the tv...
What were they watching?? (I wonder)
I thought it was some of Astro Ceria program cuz the show involve school kids and Pak Nil as the host (Pak Nil = Astro Ceria)
HOh??a very interesting edu-tainment show that makes the whole family gather in front of the tv while having tea...
What it's all about??

It is called "Clever Edisi Malaysia" (originated from German)..Clever Edisi Malaysia is a fun packed Scientific Kids Quiz Show which aired on Astro TVIQ,channel 552...It is full of interesting experiments that are sure to conjure up any kids interest in Science (I'm also getting very excited with the experiments) and u can watch the live show every Sunday at 9pm..
Join the TV host Aznil Hj Nawawi as he quizzes participating kids with interesting questions such as how do you make an egg bounce?(interesting rite?) Or can you eat upside down? Watch Mad Scientist, Rafidah Abdullah as she explains in detail how the experiments work in a fun trial and error way...

~** Scientist Rafidah with her experiment

~** Pak Nil - Bijak!!Mmg Bijak!!

The quiz show is participating by 2 schools and only one student will represent their school n they invited 2 malaysian artists to team up with the kids...The winner will receive a certificate and a trophy (I luv the trophy)..Yesterday' show was a repeat programme that involved Sek Keb Semenyih n Sek Keb Bdr Tun Razak futuring Jehan Miskin(with Semenyih) and Azrul (with Bdr Tun Razak )

Not only the audience at the studio shouting out the answer..we who watch at home also shouting our own answer..usually abah will become the winner (xaci laa..cuz he was a science freak) n mak too always hav the correct answer (lg xaci..cuz she was a former science teacher..she had done some of the experiments..xaci..xaci)

Here are some of the questions..I would like test ur science knowledge..Click here for the answer with explaination..

1) Bila hujan,xde lak payung..macam mana kita nak kurang kn kadar kebasahan ?
A) Berjalan
B) Berlari
C) Dua-dua xde beza pon

2) Apekah yg akn berlaku bile natrium 100% di campor kn dgn air?
A) Letupan
B) Pembekuan
C) Pendidihan

3) Macam mana nak jadikn permukaan puding m'gerutu (kn ade bubbles mmbeku) licin n cantik?
A) Guna hair dryer
B) Balut dgn pembalut plastik makanan

4) Mcm mana nk keluarkn telur yg direbus dr sebuah botol yg mmpunyai mulut yg sempit ?
A) Menghayun kn botol dgn kuat
B) Mengetuk botol untuk menghasilkn gelombang bunyi
C) Meniup ke dalam botol dgn kuat

So??how was it??coool rite??lets c how gud r u in science....hehe

p/s :-

1) 2 thumbs up to whom that brings such a gud show to Malaysia..(instead of having stupid reality show)

2) The whole family going to b in front of the tv tonite at 9pm..yeah!!

.:: Cabinet Shake Up ::.

One in seven of us never clears out our medicine cabinet or box, something experts say we should do every year. Here are four cabinet hangers - on to be wary of.

1. Hydrocortisone cream
The problem : Although safe for occasional use, prolonged usage may thin the skin and won't help a persistent rash
Instead : Ordinary moisturizers may relieve mild discomfort.

2. Laxatives
The problem : Frequent use can lead to dependence.
Instead : Eat a high-fibre diet (such as bran, beans and citrus fruits) and don't take a laxative if you haven't had a bowel movement for a day - that's normal

3. Over-the-counter (OTC) counter sleep aids
The problem : They only increase your number of zZzZs by minutes, and may lose effectiveness with overuse. Side effects include dry mouth and dizziness.
Instead : Go to bed at the same time every day, avoid napping (which I love to),exercise regularly (seldom or non at all) and have a not-too-hot bath before bed.

4. Mouthwash
The problem : It isn't as effective as flossing and overuse can lead to an unsightly condition called black hairy tounge.
Instead : Flossing and brushing teeth twice a day should be enough.

p/s :-

1) Don't keep any of expired medicine...

2) Please get an expert consultation before u take any of medication or else u might harm urself..

Saturday, October 30, 2010

.:: Di SaaT Waktu BerHenTi ::.

~** D saat waktu berhenti..kosong...
Dimensi mmbutakn mata memekak kn telinga..

OOooh suggoh tiada kaitan lgsong dgn ape yg aku bakal coretkn...hehe
ttbe jek t'ingat kn lagu too phat tuh...
di saat waktu aku menaip ni aku dh slamat b'ada dlm blk t'cinta kt umah...
kt Baling laaaaa....uhuk
Waaaa..saye sgt laaa xnk blk umah...sbb xde sape nk kwn ngn saye...
Mereka sume nye sebok ngn keje masing2...

Sian tok tgk tv sorunk2..
klu aku ade boley laaa teman tok...
tok wan awal2 lg dh nek blk...blk je dr surau 0830pm tros nek tido..(awalkn??)

Sian tok xmkn dinner...
klu aku ade boley laa aku teman tok...
tok wan xmkn mlm sbb die pg solat kt surau..

Hmmmm...sian tok...
Smalam ms nk blk..saje je aku siap lmbt2..
Abah smpai tp aku xsiap ag...
dok kt umah muni borak2...
TTbe abh mai.."kkak!!siap skarang!!"hoho...
TAK MAUUUU!!(dlm at jelaaa aku jerit)hihi..
Pg siap2 ala kadar...(_ _")

~** Tokwan n Tok

Klu ms kecik2 dlu aku akn melalak sambil pelok tiang umah tok kuat2 bile nk blk umah...
Jenoh jugak laaaa nk lepaskn aku dr tiang tu...
Abh akn tarik sekuat2 nye masok kn aku dlm kete..
Tros kunci kete..sbb aku akn lari kuar blk...hehe
Aku dh xkesah dh 1 kg nk tgk perangai huduh aku tu...
Yg aku tau aku xmo blk...nk dok umah tok...
Aku melalak lg kt dlm kete smpai aku ttdo sbb letih...huhu
Tp bile dh besar ni xkn laaa aku nk wat cm2 kn??
Mmg huduh sgt2 laaaa...mau nye abah rotan aku kt c2 jugak...ahaaaks2
Aku hnya mmpu meronta2 kt dlm hati..hoho

Mesti korunk ckp aku ni ngade2 kn??
Dh nape nye xnk blk uma sndiri laaaak??org len klu cuT sebok nk blk umah jmpe mak ayh..aku laak sebok nk jmpe tok ngn tok wan...sbb nye kt umah xde sape nk layan aku..kecuali weekend...t+ skang tggal knk2 mumayyiz tu jek kt umah..agak dh bosan aku marah diorunk...
Aku mntak 2 2 org punye beg aku nk wat spot cek...HAHAHAHAHA
Conpem ade keje skolah yg ntah zaman bile xbwat lg...aku akn jd cekgu yg garang pegang 1 rotan tgk diorunk siapkn omwork...diorunk msT akn m'berontak xpon xkn bg pon aku sentuh beg...
Tulaaaa hiburan aku.....(hiburan ke??) t'hibur laaa jugak tgk diorunk nanges...kih3 (gilee tora)

Alkisahnye dlu...
aku n adik2 aku yg 2 org tu..(abg ngn adik) sumenye tok yg jage dr kecik...
sbb nye mak ngn abh still blaja lg...mak blaja kt USM abh laak kt UTP (kes kawen time blaja)hoho...tu yg buat kn kami b'3 rapat dgn tok n tok wan..t+ laaak aku ni cucu sulong...lg laaa m'jadi kesayangan...I'm spoilt by them..uhuk
Tok tau ape yg ktorunk ske n ape yg ktorunk xske b'banding mak..(xsume laa mak tau)
Aku kn cerewet sket bab2 mkn ni...huhu
So,everytime cuT skolah ktorunk akn habeskn ms kt sane...mak akn pesan "Makan je ape yg tok msk...jgn memilih sgt" tp..len jd nye kt umah tok...tok akn msk makanan kesukaan setiap org...xpon beliau akn tnye ape yg ktorunk nk mkn...ktorunk pon ape lg....mcm2 laaa...hehe

Aku pnah ngamok sbb abh xbeli tiket bas nk blk umah tu cuT skolah..
Bajet nk nek bas laaa sbb abh sebok ngn keje xley nk hantar...
Sgt laaa excited tggu abh blk keje sbb nk tiket bas...skali abh blk dgn tgn kosong...
btapa keciwa nya terasa...aku pon bwat amokan 1 umah...abh xbg aku blk dgn alasan nnT nk beli baju raya dgn baju skolah nk ukor sape???aku xley trime alaasan tu...1 ari aku kucar kacirkn blk..(burok kn perangai??) Mak xthn tgk aku ngamok..soh tepon tok...ape ag??ngadu laaaa puas2 kt tok..t'esak2 nanges...aku tau tok xkn m'hampa kn cucu sulong kesayangan beliau ni..ari2 jugak tok soh Pak njang dtg amek...hehe

Ade 1 p'istiwa perengai huduh aku lg time tu aku nk sgt ade cam sndirik..ingt x dlu2 nye camera yg pakai kodak gulung tu??hihi...aku mntak nk beli ngn abah xkasi...skali lg aku m'ngamok..mane x nye sbb aku bkn nk beli gune duit abh...nk beli gune duit aku sendiri yg aku kmpol (padahal duit abh laaa tu yg aku kumpol) HAHAHHAHAHA...sengal sunggoh..aku ngadu kt tok..tok ckp abh soh simpan duit tu so that boley gune time blaja bile besar aku asek kate tu duit aku...b'ari2 aku mogok lapar..tok mn yg sanggup tgk cucu kesayangan xmkn??Last2...aku rs korunk dh boley tau ape yg jd kn???tok wan beli kn 1 camera untuk aku...hehe..Sbb selalu d manjakn diorunk laaa aku jd cm2 (xbley blah laak slh kn org)...skarang aku dh xmcm tu lg ok??

Hoh...aku rase dh cukop laaaa aku m'dedahkn keburokan aku...kang lebey2 laa tau ade bakal mak mentua yg bc blog aku ni (perasaaan nye ko..ade ke yg bc??hehe) tros die reject..

~** Gmba dolu2...huhu

p/s :-

1)Suke memberontak klu xdpt ape yg d hajati...huhu

2)Puas at sbb dpt spend 2mggu kt kg..kire plg lame spjg aku dh besar ni...

3)Tgh m'cari pkerjaan nk wat untok ilang kn bosan kt umah ni...huhu

Friday, October 29, 2010

.:: GaYa..maDneSs dAn KegiLaaN ::.

Slamat sore...(suke at aku je) ^_^

Spt yg d janji kn (apekah??bile pulak??)..I'm going to officially launch (pale otak mu!!ingt proton inspira ke??hehe) the so call new tora..HAHAHAHAAHA
idok ler b'tukar jd otromen ke...bumblebee ke..cuz...
I am still I am...hehe

~** Thats's me...^_^

haalooooh tora ni...men2 laaak..cepat laaaa!!!ape dieee??(woooo...saba2..ihik)
Sejak 2 menjak ni aku dh jd gile...(xde sgkot paot ngn mental yeah)
Ni sume muni (kazen) aku punye pasal...
Remember at my previous entry I post about me who went crazy when it comes to shopping??xingt??ke xbc pon??silaa laa rujuk aku nk cite...hehe
Ptg td aku g shopping cukop laaa aku gtau korunk aku g beli inner syria...
alaaaaa yg org skang slalu pakai tu laaaa...yg ade mcm2 kaler tu...(lantak laaa klu korunk xtau)

Aku rs skang laaa ms nye untok aku b'TUKAR!!(alaa2 sailormoon gitew..hihi)
Acu ckp aku x hup-to-date dok pakai tdg bawal tu...
xmen dh ler mcm kt ats tu...skang sume nye b'selendang..
Actually aku asyik rs aku xssuai pakai..sbb tu laaa aku mls nk hup-date kn fesyen tudung aku..
Korunk pakai laaa arini ke..ekyn ke aku xkesah..jnji aku selesa..hoho
Skang ni aku rs aku laaa yg plg ketinggalan...cuz aku baru t'gedik2 nk pakai selendang yg fesyen nye dh basi...HAHAHAHAHAHA (biarlaaah..permulaan..) org len dh sebok dgn shawl gypsi la bagai...uhuk
xpe2..masih blom t'lmbt tora...(poyo gile..)

Jom tgk d new projek aku dgn muni spnjg mlm td...kueng3
xdo p'kerjaan sunggoh laaaa...
mntak mahap laaa model ni xbape nk canteqs..(xde nye aku kesah)
abaikn laa make up model yg xsmpurna itu..
sunggoh xpropesional mak andam t'sebot (kutuk diri sndiri..hohoi)

~** Aku plg suke pakai shawl cmni...(itam ttp d at)

~** Uhuk..uhuk..itula inner scarf syria 4 layer..model (gedik kot) m'gaya kn dgn rainbow net shawl..ok ke x ok??.::cough::.cough::.hihi

~** Ini adela pashmina 2 layer shawl yg baru d beli b'sama2 dgn inner scarf syria..(t'beli laak..kih3)
Aku xtau nape aku suke sgt kaler purple...canteq kn??(aku tnye sal shawl ok??)

~** This one is gaya alaa2 CT..eyh!!Yuna kot..(sapo2 jolaa)..I looiiike diz style very much..xtau nape..ahaaaks2

~** Last but not least...gaya gediks oley aku dgn style mcm kt ats meletak kn flower corsage kt c2...HAHAHAHAHA..kazen aku kate..OVER!!
tp bg aku (maapkn beliau yg kurang sopan)

So...what say u??
How do u like my new tudung style??
Pas ni aku pon akn jd sperti acu yg ade almost hundreds of shawls collection..(gile kn??)
I cannot help myself from buying when I saw one...hehe
Cume 1 jek aku xbape b'kenan...the colour combination of the syria scarf...(aku kn buta seni..hihi) org len releks jek suke2 at jiwa raga pakai ngn kaler ape pon..santeq aku rs colour2 tu xsesuai kt aku..nmpak xsanteq (ooh??ko santeq ke??) hehe...
Aku dh b'angan2 nk jahit sndiri inner that aku boley combine colour yg aku suke je..kire t'isi laaa ms cuT aku ni...(Ooooh melangit cita2 ko yeah??)-->>akn ku bukti kn!!

p/s :-

1) Jahit tgn laaa aku jwb nye..umah xde sewing machine..wuwu (mcm nk hangkot bawak blk mesin tok aku je)hehe..^_^

2) Aku telah b'shopping shawl dgn hebat nye dgn duit yg konon2 aku mntak kt abah nk beli linggeries...(penyalahgunaan wang) HAHAHAHA..xpe nnT aku mntak lg konon2 nk beli shawls pulak...ahaaks2

Thursday, October 28, 2010

.:: MeRaH nye MakNgaH !! ::.

Nape klu merah je..msT mak ngah???asal merah je mak ngah??(yg aku xpuas at ni nape??) aku xtau asal usul sejarah p'ciptaan peribahasa(yeke) t'sebot...sape2 yg tau tlg bgtau aku...sbb nye aku sbg mak long (uih tua nye bunyi) xpuas at..apsal mak ngah laak??cube cmni laaaak...waaaahh!!hijo (nape xkaler len??blasah jeler) nyeee mak loong!!!(hoh??)

Melalut dh si tora ni..(tlg maafkn beliau ye)
Sbenanye aku cume nk tanye...
Canteq x rope baru blog aku??merah gituw..
Saje je nok mak tukar...mak dah bosan dgn yg lame...
ape org kate???anjakan paradigma??hoh!!gituw laa nyah...hihi

Aku sbenanye xbape nk b'puas at dgn kaler tolesan...
dh xreT dh nk blend kaler ape...(aku mmg fail pon bab2 seni ni..huhu)
aku tau header aku tu xcomey lgsong...
harap b'sabar laa ye..under construction lg...
pnyakit M dh mai..xley nk watpa laaa...
Bek aku stop dlu b4 aku ke laut....

C yaaaaaaa~**

p/s :-

1) aku ade hobi baru skang...(hoh??apedie?)nnT laaa aku cite..(kepoh tol joyah..hihi)

2) sbenanye aku blom start wat pon lg header tu...kui3

.:: ShoP Till Broke ::.

Sbenanye xdelaa smpai broke pon...purse aku pon molek je ag..xde koyak or rabak tang mane2..ihik2..aku acah je laaaaa...hehe
It was my kazen idea that we go shopping yesterday...
cuz whent I went to their house last 2 nite they r playing with the shawls..(yg sorunk tu xsedar diri sok nye ade exm kt skolah)..Mcm2 fesyen gaya pakai shawl ktorunk bwat...
Aku pon nk jugak aku sbenanye xbape gheti laaa nk pakai...(bese je pon klu pakai)
Actually aku xsuke tgk muke aku dgn selendang yg melekat kt muka tu....sumpah burok!!tp kazen2 aku asek ckp "canteq laaa wey..xburok pon!!" (anda d bnarkn pgsan..hihi)
when I look at the mirror I can c an african gurl inside...(Waaaaaaa!!!TIDAAAAKKK!!!)
"perasaaaan hg btoi laaaaa!!!"..mrh kazen aku...
So, we decided to go to the "usahawan ekspo" n by some shawls plus the inner scarf....
Here wut I got for myself...


~** A sling bag...I felt in love at first sight..n cant resist myself to grab it..(sgt bkn tujuan sbenar)..lgpon aku dh lame xbeli bag baru laaa..(saje xnk bg rs b'slh..hehe)

~** My new shawls....::above::. black rainbow shawl ::.
.::below::. rainbow net shawl + .::not in pic::. hard inner scarf::.
Yg net tu ken die cm jala...ala2 als meja yg kait tu...sng nk pakai die..t'letak elok je...the black one ken licin sket...ken ape ntah aku xtau nk sng jugak nk jd...(guyz wont understand diz..huhu)

~** Ngeeeeeee ^_^ .. n a new heels too while looking for tok's indoor slipper (whack myself!!.::dush::.dush::.)..aku dh lame xbli kasut laaaa (eleh..alasan yg same..hihi)..this heels done with jeans material plus a cute ribbon corsage on it (very cool huh??) n my feet luv them very muc...(they said "Eyh..I like this comfy heels that's not going to hurt myself if I walk for a day long..")ppffffttt!!HAHAHAHAHAHA...dh t'beli xboley pulangkn...hihi

~** shut up!!! getah rambot...aku tau laaa slame (pas + - x) 16thn (ape??xcaye??pecayelaaa) aku first time aku beli hair band...I've to tie my hair cuz if not I'll look like a real vampire (bygkn Bella Swan n rambotnye...HAHAHAHA..GILEE!!aku tipu..) who doesnt comb her hair after shower...lets see brape lame lg aku boley thn dgn rmbot yg smakin mmbesar (pjg laaa..aduuuh!!) ..sume org xkasi potong..huhuk
aku pon syg nk potong gak sbb beliau tumbuh dgn sehat nye...klu x b4 diz gugor mcm org wat kemo (org wat kemo pon klh..ahaaks)-->>ape aku melalut ni??dah..dah...hihi

~** Ini adelah wajib beli ye adik2...xde ni xlgkap laa idop..hehe
Ni beli ms singgah kt Billion nk beli mee kuning (kazen aku nk msk mee kari)..seb bek aku xborong sume choc..klu x msT kene pukol ngn tok...(tipu!!tok xkesah pon)

Bile dh blk msT laaa ade sesi try-menery(xley gune dlm exm penulisan) kn??korunk xyah laaa nk kate aku...korunk pon same je...blk dr shopping tu..even letih mcm mane skali pon msT nk test pakai (padahal dh puas b'gaya dlm fitting room)..I dont know if diz thing also apply to men out there but we gurls r like that...(sape stuju angkt tgn!!) ^_^

Ok ok..mari kite lihat sesi p'gayaan selendang yg aku beli(aku pakai cr bese2 je)belit ikot sesedap rase...korunk xyah laaa nk fokus sgt kt muka aku yg ade noda tu...(_ _") aku tgh sedaya upaya laa ni m'ilang kn nye...wuwu


~** Rainbow net shawl...
.::left::. with the hard inner scarf
.::right::. with a normal head band


~** Black rainbow shawl....

Korunk rs yg mn 1 yg sesuai ngn aku??aku suke pakai ngn inner keras tu...nmpak santeq (wooh..brani maT pnye statement)..hehe
aku rase cm aku nk g beli lg laaa shawls..beli lg 10 lai..muaakaaka (yg dok ade pon xt'pakai)
ade sape2 yg b'kenan ke dgn shawl cm2??klu nk aku boley tlg beli kn(boley wat bisnes niyh..hihi) klu boley korunk beli laaa sndiri yeah??xkn laaaa kt tmpat korunk xde jual..mustahil...mustahil..HAHAHAHAHAHA

p/s :-

1) Oooh lupe laaak nk gtau harga...shawl no1 2 RM8..hard inner scarf RM5...

2) Shawl adik aku beli dr turki pon xt'pakai ag...(xtau nk lilit cmne lg dh sbb besar n laboh sgt)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

.:: Putih ke KuninG ?? ::.

~** SaLam subOh sume...(blom suboh pon lg..ko dh wat gile..hehe)

Ni ape yg putih ape yg kuning??xpaham motip...nk tau kene laaa bc smpai abeh..hehe
Aku bkn nye nk merepek pasal gigi korunk putih meghelik sbb wat bleeching atau pon gg korunk yg kuning kaghat sbb dh setaon xb'sugi (eeeeuuuyy..keji tau)..xhingin aku m'bicharakn nye..aku bkn laaa bakal dr gg aku bakal pharmacist (ape ketan laaak ni??hohoi)

Sbenanye aku nk b'cite sal telur masin(dh knape laa tora ni??xde cite len??)..Alaaa aku tau korunk sume suke telur masin kn??especially time sahor msT wajibul ghunnah laaa ade..sedap gile mkn dgn nc pns2 b'same2 dgn smbal...pergh!!btol2 HooLiau!!(waaaaa lapar nyeeee...)
Xkire laaaa dgn ape skali cara or dgn ape pon korunk mkn..telur itik yg d masinkn ni mmg peberet ramai...

Korunk tau ke cmne telur masin tu d bwat???aku entry aku ni bkn nye nk ngaja korunk wat telur masin...hehe (jgn kuciwa pd yg sgt eager nk tau)..klu korunk nk tau dtg laa mnuntut dgn tok aku...Entry ni aku tulis sbb ari2 ms rebus telur masin tok ckp "Pelik mazwan mkn telur masin.." aku pon b'tnye dgn pelik (nk tau gak ape yg pelik nye) "nape tok?"..tok jwb.."dia mkn putih jaa..kuning dia korek buang.."
"Aisssyyhh xpelik aih..kkak pon mkn putih jugak xmkn kuning.." (smbil t'sengeh2 m'jwb)..tok kate lg.."laaaaaa...hg pon sama jaaa pelik"...HAHAHAHAHAHA
Tokwan pulak mnyampuk " Kuning dia laa sedap..lemak2..".."Pasai hok lemak2 tulaaa kkak xmkn..lgpon mcm b'pasir laaa..xsedap!!" aku mnambah lg....(aku rs sbb aku mmg p'gemar masin..tu pasal laa aku mkn putih je..hehe)
Mak ngah dtg antar lauk (mmg rutin harian m.ngah akn anta smangkuk 2 ape yg die msk) tok m'khabarkn kepelikan aku dgn mazwan (kazen)..m.ngah reply blk "Depa ni mmg adik bradik sunggoh..dik yah pon sama mkn putih jaaaa.." HAHAHAHAHA tros meledak kn tawa aku...lg sorunk kazen aku yg segeng..

~** Telur masin yg tok aku bwat..smpan dlm balang cm2...

~** Uihh..meleleh ayaq lioq aaaiih....

~** Ni laaa telur kuning yg kene korek bwang...tggal kn putih jek..hihi

Tak kira laaaa mcm mana skali pon korunk mnikmaTi telur masin ttp mnjadi POjaan Hati...Ape feveret korunk??korunk suke yg putih or kuning??meh laaaa share kePELIKan korunk laaak...hihi

To much salt can cuz hypertension..(tau pon..hihi)
To much cholestrol can cuz heart probs (takuuuuut kn??)
The choice is in ur hand..Putih ke Kuning?? ^_^

p/s :-

1) xpnah mkn telur ayam masin...(ade ke??hehe)

2) ape rs die klu kite wat telur dadar gune telur masin??(kene cube niyh..)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

.:: Nk JeriT kuAt2 bOley?? ::.

~**Aku rs bln ni mmg bln m'jerit laaaa...cuz I really cant stop screaming...


I wud like to tell u guyz wut happen to me on a tren ride back to my hometown..
a story of a pervert old man...(tua nk mmpos!!)
The story started in coach D2.....(cepat amek bntal msg2..nk wat cekup tlinge..hehe)-->bek xyah bc klu xnk kisah ini m'hantui anda..(acah je..hehe)

Ok..starts now!!
There's one old man in his early 40's (d kalsifikasi sbg pakcik..look older than my dad)..
asking whether he sat at the right place...mine was 2D his was 3A..
my intention was gud to help him n answer yes...but suddenly he sat beside me and asked "boley x sy dok cni?" then i said "hmm..rsnye tmpat org kot..xboley laa"(dlm at m'ronta2 kt xboley)..again he replied "xpe..klu ade org soh die dok c2 (pointing at his seat).....

Haaaaaah!!shitake btol..aku baru jek nk dok dgn aman njoying the chu chu tren...
He started to make a conversation with me...asking this..those n that cuz he claimed that was his first time riding a tren..(wutevaaa!!)
I'm very scared (n I really mean it) when he started to invite me to go with him to the tren's cafe..since that's his first time..he's very excited to find there's a cafe on that tren..I refuse to follow and said that I was full n show him my bekal (actually I was very hungry..ulp!!)
I packed the new black pepper chicken burger from mcD for my dinner...(end up eaten by tok wan on the next day..huhu)..he keep pushing..n pushing till I've lost my words n have to say yes..I cant even drink or eat any of the meal at the cafe although he bought me hot milo drink n sosej bread (end up in the dustbin..ngeee~**konon2 he put spells on it)

We hav a chit chating while he finish his meal..He is an unmarried man who lives alone (family members died already)..a workaholic of cos only n work..n ting!!forget to get married...(cissssss)..he claimed that he has a LOOOOOT of money..(his offering to buy a car for me n giving some pocket money juz say any amount that I wish)...OOooooo strictly a big NO NO NO!!I'm not that desperate...(n If yes..I wont make him as a sugar daddy..woooo!!)

Pleaz get ready with a plastic bags or anything cuz u r going to thrown up wuteva u've eating jez now..His name is Yusof and he wanted me to address him as "YU" .::puke::. (Pg Laaa mmpos PAKCIK!!hiyeeerrrgh!!tlg laaaaaa)

I cannot stop reciting ayt qursi n a few of doa to avoid any bad things...ntah bape kali aku ulang bc..lantak!!huhu...I was so scared!!n only can close my eyes tightly (konon2 cm tido) to avoid him talking to me...n I kept texting to u (muhd anip) cuz I am SCARED!!sorry for disturbing ur nite....wuuuwuuu (_ _!)

I feel very uncomfortable coz I could sense a pair of eyes staring at me....(waaaaa!!nanges dlm at)..when I open my eyes he pretended he's watching muvie at the tv..(siaalaan ini worunk!!)..Suddenly he asked for my phone no n my pics too..n I said NO!!he feel unsatisfied with my answer n kept asking why..(ooooihh!!hello..u'r a pervet stranger!!NO WAY!!)..he touched my shoulder n I was like "isH!!xboley..xboley laa..xphm bahse ke??"-->>dlm at dh nanges...T__T

Ttbe je t'ingt nk msg lisa n I told her my story(luckily she's still awake)...I'm asking for her help by calling my phone so that I could run away...Once the phone ringing I straight away arose from my seat and run to the cafe..did I tell ya that I got trap cuz I sat near the window??It's quite hard for me to get away as he is blocking my way...I broke into tears when I listen to Lisa's voice cuz I feel relieved..THANX MY DEAR!!U r my SAVIOUR...hehe

I sat at the cafe with hunger for 4hrs (n in frightened..who knows he might turn up at the cafe??eee takut!!)b4 i reached my destination...I was very lucky cuz he hop off one stop b4 after he went off the tren I could go and get my luggage...It was very terrible ride of all..n I swear I wont ride a tren alone ANYMORE!!!n If I've to..I'll definitely get on bed or first class coach..lantak ler mahal..jnji selamat...huhu

p/s :-

1) Tok n mommy doesn't know about this..cuz if they know they'll definitely going to be worried..n they'll do a min to min call when I'm travelling...huhu

2) I'm so sorry I scolded u cuz I was acting under stress hoping that u can save me from that pervert!!~**Gomenei...(_ _u)

Monday, October 18, 2010

.:: MenJeRit dGN GiRaNg ::.

~** Ok..I luv to shout n scream...hehe...pardon me cuz I really cant help myself to take out the "JERIT" from my post's title...^_~

Allow me....YEEEAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!(shouting with joy)

My sem5 final exm finally ended....alhamdulillah!!!!
After these n that I finish with a relief .::sigh::. huhu
Hmmm, a lil bit info regarding my exm...

~** OSCE
-->>Question asked on GIT (Peptic Ulcer Dz n GERD)..I really hate the idea that we had to sit along the corridor to the mini pharmacy one by one like "jaga"..(it was mdm pushPOP idea!!)..msT bdk2 len ingt ktorunk kene denda...konon2 that's d best way to quarantine us laaa???in fact..we still discussing the answer...HAHAHAHAHA
I dont know the purpose of doing this OSCE cuz we've done diz last sem...our seniors only do this OSCE at once...duwh!!they repeat almost same question..(mcm edit sket2 je dr dlu)..I dont like the viva part where Mr Pasha,act as our "patient" asked lots of quetions..pleaz tell me if there's a patient that asked a definition of Peptic Ulcer Dz...adooooiiihhh!!!

~** Retail Pharmacy
-->> Alhamdulillah cuz it was only a MEQ(esay like questions) I think I made 1 mistake about one question of differentiate btw debit n credit card...I've write the correct answer bt then I change it last min (waaaaaaa!!!regret it!!spatutnye xyah tukar!ilang 4marks..baru jek nk dptkn full marks..wuuwuu)..xpe2..redha jek...uhuk

~** MUET (speaking) & ATM (Alternative Medicine)
-->> I think I'm doing bad 4 my speaking..I speaked nonsense..(waaaaaaa!!ssh gile nk elaborate point die..I'm repeating my point)..unlucky us got hard points to elaborate...(_ _") skali lg...redha...(thanx awop mnenangkn diri ini kmbali) day was very terrible cuz I've to focus on two things..both rr very important...

-->>Overall the MCQ (objective) is very tricky cuz the answers are quite similar...n I
suddenly cannot remember the cause of illness in Traditional Chinese Med...My mind only contain about Qi(chee)..Yin & Yang..ahaaaks2..seb bek last minit it slipped out from the brain...THANK U!!

~** MUET (tipu2..means english laaa)
-->> actually I've no mood to sit for this "tipu2"...aci blasah je comprehension n 2 essays writing...then MERDEKA!!!! ^_^ Holiday tymo oooohhhh!!.::dancing::.dancing::.



Sgt seronok....
sumenye x dirancang...aku yg ngntok bengong2 sbb xtido 1 ari jwb call zana pon dgn weng2...zana ajak pg t'ganu on saturday coz nk g visit ank buah beliau kt dungun...if i would to follow I'm welcome..hehe
seems I've no plan at all...
Dgn laju nye bgn dr tido n kemas2 ape yg patut...
knk2 kt umah tu sume pelik ngn aku...ahaaaaks2

Wooooossssh!!ke damansara...kueng3
(mls nk cite pjg2..tros pd cite cuT..hehe)
Seawal 3am aku dh bgn mndi...sgt semangat ye....doh kate nye nok btolak 4am...ihik2
padahal pale weng2..(not enough sleep)aku xtau laaaa si emy ngn acunye tido kol bape cuz I was very fatigue...(nok pecoh palo sero)..kami b'4(aku,emy,zana n zuraida) pon memulakn p'jalanan d pagi yg hening t'sebot...(koya laaa)...b'henT solat suboh kol 6am kt temerloh kemudian stereng b'tuka tgn krn pmandu utama sgt laaa mngantok...then we stop by Gambang to refuel...continue our journey to ganu....

haiiiiiyaaaaaaahhh!!!We arrived at 7.30am and went to cherating 1st cuz its still early and k.shidah was left far back behind us cuz they depart after suboh....
Weeeeeeeeee!!!!FYI...this is my first time stepping into t'ganu...(sgt kesian kn??)..ko jahat zana gelak kn aku....kami b'meditasi d tepi pantai yg indah...nyaman nyeeeeeeee!!!

~** K.A.M.I @ Cherating.....

.::grong2::.(cm2 ke bunyi perot??blasah ler)Alaamak..perot terasa lapar laak...konon2 nk mkn nc ntah bape kedai dh lepas n we hav our bekfes at one of the hawker stall by the roadside...we'r having nc lemak n milo ais...1 thing that i notice that their nc lemak is different from us cuz they use ikan ayer2 (aku tipu nm ikan..sbenanye xtau) rebus instead of fried lebey kuang nc dgg dh kot...blasah jelaaaaa!!!

~** The Nc Lemak....

Later on we continue our journey and pass by a few beaches (santeq sgt!!)..n also the Petronas oil place at Paka with lots n lots of pipes go was such a nice scene n sadly I cannot show the pic to u guyz coz we'r not allowed to take photo here...(slap myself 4 being that naive)..We stopped by at Mak Tam's house cuz Yaa wuz there (xjd pg dungun)..and end up making ourself really at home...(tn umah xde..amek alih laa) sume t'bongkang tido ok...(comey kn??) ^_^
Wake up call upon k.shidah arrival and our eyes were wide open to c a plate full of SATA (t'ganu delicacies)..tapai ubi (kot..blasah je)..langsat(agaknye ler sbb aku xtau sgt..hihi)..n a few sticks of lemang + serunding dgg...waaaaaaaaaaa!!!

~** Jeng..jeng..jeng....

~** Zu dgN leMang2 nye...

N after that kerahan tenaga d dapor pon b'mule...mcm2 ummi beli..ade ikan..udang..pucuk paku pakis..ummi nk msk ikn msk lemak..kerabu PUCUK paku..gulai ikan(mak tam dh msk)..ikn goreng...waaaaaaahhhhh!!bnyk gile laaauk (ttbe perot b'keroncong ooh)..n tmbahan smbal petai udang yg d msk oleyh aku (sedap ke zana??hihi)...FYI..I'm very dumb when it comes to cook the traditional dish..(sumpah aku xreT!!)...sengal ke xsengal aku pg lurut jek paku pakis tu sume sekali...HAHAHAHAHAHA...xtau pulak aku amek pucuk jek or yg muda belia..sbenanye aku xnk bazir laaaa (cover line)..klu ummi xtegor msT sume org akn mkn kerabu paku pakis yg keras (it does sound very hard .::paku::. kih3)-->>ampun kn bakal mnantu mu wahai bakal mak mentua... ^_^

~**Lesson #1 of the day...p laaa blajaq msk ngn tok..hoho

Kami melantak dgn hebatnye...lantak laaa nk GERD ke ape..pas mkn tido LAGII (diorunk je aku x..hehe)..then when the evening come sume nye excited nk pg b'mnD-mnda (xjoin mnd sbb2 t'tentu..ehe)d laut..we went to Pantai Temasik n njoying our very damn BIG squid fried flour (sotong grg tepong.kih3) that cost RM20(WOOOWW!!) + kerepok lekor (a must eat) n a few other snacks..

~** Sutun Mahal dh abeh...hehe

On the way back we've witnessed an accident (sgt ngeri) between a motorcycle n a happen very fast n we were put in shock 4 a sec..(zana ngn emy telah meraung dgn hebatnye..hihi) imagine u'r watching an action movie of car crashing on a motorbike...stupid driver who faulty the red traffic lites..buta warna kot!!!(.::dush!!::.mrh diri sndiri jugak..hehe)..from the way of the victims "fly" I can say that they broke their spine (spinal injury) n they r not moving (fainted kot)..[hope nothing bad hapen to them]

~** Lesson #2 of the day...RED is for stop..YELLOW is for slowing down..and GREEN is for speeding (ok..kidding..hehe)

We went back to Temerloh dat nite n I cannot stay awake to make zana an accompany and leaving her driving all alone...hehe..gomenasai~~**lethargic attack...sleep all the way back..huhu
After taking my bath I bump my butt on the cozy bed @ andak's house...waaaaahhhh!!!sleep soundly till morning come....Lastly, spending times at zana's house n went back to damansara at 7pm...Safely arrived at 9.30pm...Alhamdulillah~**

p/s :-

1) Thanx zana for the short holiday was a memorable one indeed...^_^

2) Sgt holiday for 1month!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

.:: BaTin ku MenJerIt Lg ::.

~** Akupon xpaham nape brahi bbnor ngn jerit2 nih...myb can release my stress kot...Laaaayaaaaaaannnnn!!!

Why I'm screaming???

This "lovely dear" college always put me on hot temperature...(very nice with the sun scorching bright)

Yesterday, after I had done with "super gud" and awesome OSCE...en zainal asked me to see Pn Raha at exm unit..urrrgghhh!!Wut now??!!(I know why)..I went to see her and she asked "Haa,apecite??dh jmpe org account?"...lorgh..jez now asked me to go there bt now???alaaaaaaa...this might b cuz of d fees...bosaaan tol laaaa ngn kolej mate duitan dad didnt pay 4 sem 5 yet so they r threatening me that I cannot sit 4 my next paper....mmg cialis!!!

I texted to mak n abh...mak called me tellling that abh was at KL n asked me to tell abh staright away..I told abh everything n also told him that I dont want to talk to that ^$^&*#@ account personel..menyakitkn at je ckp ngn Last abh called me again n asked me to see Pn Salmi (the account personel) after having a nego with her...actually abh had straight away pay for the fees...I'm very mad cuz there's a lot of the students who didnt pay their fees and yet they hunt me down cuz I'm self sponsored!!geram btol n alwiz use the same trick to make us to pay...
I'm very mad cuz abh need to come n show then the bank draft the next day...Luckily he was in KL..klu x??(of coz cannot sit for the exm)

THANK U ABAH!!!sorry kkak dh sshkn abh....
N I had try my best during the exm..insyaallah...
abh came on the day I'm going to sit 4 retail pharmacy's paper...
I've promise myself that I'm going to do my best n become a successful in the future cuz I want to give him a pay back...Of cos I couldnt afford to pay all in the return but at least I could contribute something to make him proud of me...

WaaaaaaarrrrGgggghhh!!!I hate diz college so mac!!

p/s :-

1) I think I survive during this exm...huhu

2) Later will definitely gonna reveal the truth...huhu

3) Love that I hav 3 weeks of holiday..yeaay!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

.:: JeriTaN BaTinKu ::.

~** That was cute (lalalalala~**) lil shock expression when I saw diz......


At the Tv Room's entrance door.....
Wut the fuciCort ??!!!!!
do they think I live near by???
my house at BAKAWALI (housing area next to our college)???
$%#&*%^ (sorry..cuz I cant help myself to curse)
mmg barbiturate tol laaaaaaa....
my patient has come to the end of the limit....
ape ingt parents aku xde keje nk dtg amek2 laaaak???
klu xnk wat store sile bg ktorunk stay kt umah yg same....
ni x..everytime cuT..nk pg posting..kene kosongkn umah...
boley x klu nk tompang barang kt umah cik dayah????

Please use ur BRAIN laaa wey....
xkn laaaaa nk tompang kt umah kwn2...
klu brg aku sket ciput xpe...
dh name pon org jauh kn???
brg bwk msT laaaa untok 3thn....
I really dont understand...
so diz is wut they call hospitality???
mmg cialis!!!!

Tu aku blom ungkit pasal brg2 aku yg ilang....
bkn nye cost hundreds ringgit...
ape ingt aku beli dgn daun ke???
SHITake btol laaa!!!!
mmg dh xley sabar laaaa ni....
This is d worst place I've eva been....
klu boley aku nk kuar dr kolej skang jugak....
aku memikirkn aku lg bape ari nk msk last sem jek...
klu aku kt sem 1..aku dh cabot dh...
dh laaaa xnmpak ms depan...
it is not blur!!but I can only see darknesss!!!
I'm suffering!!!!a lot!!!
(sabar tora sabar)

~** next time nye entry I'll story wut I'm talking about..why I really want to move out from here...

p/s :-

1) Rase lega bile dh lepas kn segala2 nye kt dlm ni....need to continue my stadi!!!huh

2) FYI, they threw away all the things in the store room...pity to the owner yg tgh posting...mmg clean n clear ms aku g tgk tv td....kuang ajar akn???

3) I need to do press conference nk dedahkn keburokan mereka..cannot thn anymore!!!!!eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

.:: YeayH!! I'm So In Love wiTh U !!!!!!!!

I dont know how n wut to say more.....
cuz I really luv u...
tonite I officially announce it to the world (sgt exaggerate)...
Cant wait till the time we'll be become 1...
Ppl said LOVE is two soul with one heart...
n that's us....
I do hope that my dreams will come true....

Presenting to the world......
My lover....


Nervous aite??U will not going to believe ur eyes...keep scrolling down...


Yeah..a lil bit more patient..u will know who's the lucky one (sgt perasan..pffft)


Come on!!keep scrolling..u'r almost done....



~** My beLoved Lotus Elise....^_~

~** LE on the road...So daMn HOT!!!

p/s :-

1) Sorry cuz I might have dissappoint u guyz with the surprise....hihi...I'm sure u r very eager to know who's the lucky guy....
(perasaaaan sudeyh) ^_~

2)I'll definitely say yes without even a blink if there's a guy who hand a marriage proposal with LE...Oooh!!how romantic...(does it sound really desperado??)lalalaaalala~**

3) I would like to congratulate to whoeva going to get married today...such a nice date 101010...(CongrateZz Abg Sheikh..All the gurls out there are bitting their nails..lalala)-->>going to b in front of tv to watch NONA for his historical day...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

.:: Panic At The DisC - O ::.

Alhamdulillah.....I've ended one of the most tedious things today...
I've presented my case study about "Disc Degenerative Disease"...
Its ashame that I've to admit to myself that I was not well-prepared...
Thus, I overlooked of one of the term...Sorry guyz for that...
N thank U for helping me by asking question...(hope that I gain marks for that..can rr??cuz I didnt even answer ur question..kih3)
The question is about "discography"..and I would neva forget that for the entire of my life...
Although Mr.Letchu is the most psycho lecurer (probably cuz he taught us psychology) I've eva met..but I do adore his knowledge...

I was very nervous cuz all this while they are team members presenting together..yet,diz time I was left alone..I bet u dont want to know how fast is my heartbeat and I'm sweating in the air-conditioned class....I can feel zillions of butterfliessssssss (being a lil exaggerate) in my stomach...

Although they said the presentation was all ok but I think there's a few unwanted words have slipped out from my lips...Please excuse me boys and gurls...hehe
I cant help myself from adding the "Aaaaaaaaaaaa" after each of my word...I didn't even realized I said that...hoho (_ _")

I was very suprised to found out that mr.letchu was a nano meter besides me(again I've being exaggerate..hihi)...Hoooih!!very unforgetful moment..Did he realized that he was to close??I can even felt his breath...Whether I like it or not I've to stop my presentation n turn to him (the whole class was laughing out loud) with a smirk..."Hmmm,can u reduce the "aaaaaaaa" thing??" I answered to him.."Aaaaaaa(c its jez slipped out)...ok(feel like to slap my forehead!!)" and HAHAHAHAHAHA...the whole class laughed again...(cisssss!!)

At least I try to get rid my "FAV" word (It's reduced as I went further) and manage to the end of the slides...(Phheeewwh!!)

I hate panic attack!!!It makes me do a few of ridiculous thing on this world...~**Lalalalalala...and it's really gave me a worry for my speaking test nextweek....

Ok..that's enuff!!!I'm off to bed now cuz its very disturbing and I want to rest my body 4 a while...2morrow got to stay awake and lend my ears for other 20 cases of presentations...Waaallllaaaaaa!!wut a day....(uhuh uhuh)

p/s :-

1) Nexweek is going to b a hectic week as I've to struggle for our sem 5 final exm...
(now I feel scared)

2) Didn't even bother to have a glance of the notes...
(I'm going to die with my own statement)

3) Start study tomorrow!!!haippp!!Aja2 Fighting!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

~** I missssssss him......(_ _")

That's true....I MISS HIM!!!
urggghhh!!!probably cuz I've a problem n need sumbody to hear me babbling n crying rite now....
I wonder where he is???
wut is he doing rite now??
Is he ok??
does he eats well???
why he is avoiding us(that's wut i thought) if yes..4 wut reason???
Did I do sumting wrong??or hurt his feelings??
Yes!!!all the quetions keep wandering in my mind....
I've been texting him evryday n tried to call him either...
yet, there's no replies n answers at all....
Wut if he???(astaghfirullahal'azim)

I'm worried that he might have some problems or falls sick...
he never stay in silent for a long time...
It almost one month I didnt hear anything from him...
At least he should has texted telling that he's doing gud..there's nothing to be worried of...
Excuse me for I cant help myself from thinking sumting bad...
If he really have a problem..why cant he lean on us???
I do admit everything happens 4 a reason....eventhough he's not there 4 me bt I have U...
Yes!!!(again)only u left 4 me...

Thank u ALLAH cuz u'll alwiz b there wheneva in need...I neva be alone..neva..myb diz is the end of our story....I'll neva regret it..U'll alwiz know wut's d best 4 me...
Thanx for letting us to know each other...n he should know that he's the best BRO I eva had...TQ..Myb he needs to be alone rite now...understandable..n it's surely very fine with me...(not so)huuuuuu

Yours CheeseLy,
Adik Yunk....

p/s :-

1) Myb I get carried away by my emotion.....huuuuuu

2) Still cn b consider lucky to have other friends by my side....

3) N u tooooo....yunk!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

~** PeYOT keCoT KendOr?? (StOmacH shRinkinG)

Since I've plenty of free time n in d mood of writing...(ceehhh!!)
I'm here to share n wanted some of ur opinion...
Lately I was facing a problem where I could not eat as mac as I like..
I heard voices said "Hey!!that's gud..u'r not gonna b fat"..."Wow!! I want to be like u!!"...
Errrgh...that's not helping me...the truth is..I was suffering!!!

Imagine I'm full after 1 or 2 spoons of fried rice or delicious nc lemak....
What the..........I want more!!so I'll force them till I feel like throwing up...
I'll stop eating 4 a while..chit chating for an hour(tipu gilee!!)then continue to finish them as I dont like to throw them out...huhu
Believe me..I dont want to miss every single of the meals...(poyo)

~**How food goes into stomach **

I'll definitely finish with successful after a strong force and maintaining not to throw up...Then later another problem occur...My stomach was bloating n everything is jugling up inside...I can feel those food was at my esophagus n keep pushing one into another wanted to go out...(sory..I've put drama inside..hehe)
I can also feel the stomach acid at my throat..n burping surely doesnt even good thing that time...(eeewwwww!!cant 4get the feeling)
And after all I've to throw them out...then my stomach said "TQ for bringing all the junks out..."(waaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaa)

Does my stomach shrink??I keep asking again n again evrytime I cant finish any of my meal..
Myb "he's" been resting 4 quite some time..then that's why I'm suffering now...(ridiculous me..)
I've not eating properly for past 4months (WOOW!!slap myself~**its "months" n not "days")
I'll eat wheneva I feel like too..Usually eating once a day is just enough for me...n the meal is a bottle of drinking water with some piece of bread...DONE!!(huhu)
Sometimes I dont even bother to eat..I only DRINK!!(dont u guyz think it's enough??)

I've been asking bout my theory to one of my buddies (sorry..I burdened u that day)...he also think the same as I,my stomach does SHRINK!!(wak luuu!!!)hehe...^_^
And I've sooooo much free time..I go googling on the net n asked " DOES OUR STOMACH SHRINK??...
the answers are not very satisfiying as everything was about dieting n asking how to shrink their stomach...but as I move on I've stumbled across "9 suprising Facts about ur Stomach"...(yeay!!)

The article does help a answers all the puzzling quiz in my mind...(I'm going to quote some of the answer..myb next time I can share with u guyz the whole article)..The article wrote by a Gastroenterologist, David Greenwald MD is roughly about all the myth regarding our tummy..

Here's the answer....
Myth or Fact : If u cut down on ur food intake, u'll eventually shrink ur stomach so u wont b as hungry...
Answ : Myth :- Once u r an adult, ur stomach pretty much remains the same size--unless u hav surgery to intentionally make it smaller. Eating less wont shrink ur stomach,says Moyad, but it can help to reset ur "appettite thermostat" so u won't feel as hungry, and it may b easier to stick with ur eating plan.....^_^

The conclusion is...there's no such thing as stomach shrink...If sumone came to u n told that his or hers is shrink..U r allowed to laugh on their "jokes"(thats cruel)..or u can tell them about the truth fact...(ok,that one sounds better)

There's also suggestion that I go to see a doctor n have a check on answer is NO!!!they'r going to play with my body..inserting a cam through my digestive tract..n it is surely a big NO NO NO!!!I'm not going to allow that...urgh!!!can u imagine a cam is put into ur stomach (that's still cn b consider) but u'r force to drink a very bad taste of fleet phosphosoda...NO WAY!!!!It's a nitemare (as 1 of my frend told)..YES!!u'r force to do stomach emptying!!I dont want to do that....(a bit childish..dush!!dush!!)

~** Someone is going to be mad at me after reading diz...huhu (peace!!)

p/s :-

1) Today I only drank and eat chips + supplement (that's sure make me healthy)..pffffttttt!!!

2) I'm craving for pasta rite now...nyumm2!!

.:: CouNt On Me 1 2 3 ::.

If u ever find urself stuck in the middle of the sea
I'll sail the world to find u
If u ever find urself lost in the dark and u can't see
I'll be the light to guide u

Find out wut we'r made of
Wut we'r called to help our friends in need

U can count on me like 1 2 3
I'll b there
And I know when I need it I can count on u like 4 3 2
and U'll be there
Coz that's wut frenz r supposed to do oooh yeah

That's wut frenz r supposed to do, oh yeah
U can count on me coz I can count on u

Wooh wooooh
Yeah yeah

If u toss and turn an u just cant fall asleep
I'll sing a song
Beside U
and If u ever forget how much u really mean to me
Everyday I will remind U

Oooh find out we'r made of
Wut we'r called to help our frenz in need

U can count on me like 1 2 3
I'll be there
And I know when I need it I can count on U like 4 3 2
And u'll be there
Coz that's wut frenz are supposed to do oh yeah

Woooh wooooh
yeaaah yeaaah

U'll always hav my shoulder when u cry
I'll never let go
Never say goodbye

You know U can count on me like 1 2 3
I'll be there
And I know when I need it I can count on U like 4 3 2
And u'll be there
Coz that's wut frenz are supposed to do oh yeah

wooooh wooooooh
U can count on me coz I can count on you

~** by Bruno Mars -_- Count On me **

p/s :-

1) To whom that r called FRIEND....^_^

.:: A JoYous MomEnT ::.

~** YEAAAAYYYYY!!!!finally I can sleep soundly............
Cant u see how big is the grin up there???
Alhamdulillah..finally I've completed ALL the works!!!
Pleaz allow me to shout 4 the 2nd time........

and a chicken dance tooooooo + the Hooolaaa2 dance...
Suddenly feel very tired n now I'm proudly announce that I'm going to hav a very GOOOOOOD sleeep!!!(I mean it)...

p/s :-

1) Let me celebrate diz 1st b4 starting to crack my head with all the notes 4 exm....T_T

2) I'm going to use the 4 days holiday wisely (ParTaaaaYyyy!!!hehe^_^)-->kidding