Thursday, October 21, 2010

.:: Nk JeriT kuAt2 bOley?? ::.

~**Aku rs bln ni mmg bln m'jerit laaaa...cuz I really cant stop screaming...


I wud like to tell u guyz wut happen to me on a tren ride back to my hometown..
a story of a pervert old man...(tua nk mmpos!!)
The story started in coach D2.....(cepat amek bntal msg2..nk wat cekup tlinge..hehe)-->bek xyah bc klu xnk kisah ini m'hantui anda..(acah je..hehe)

Ok..starts now!!
There's one old man in his early 40's (d kalsifikasi sbg pakcik..look older than my dad)..
asking whether he sat at the right place...mine was 2D his was 3A..
my intention was gud to help him n answer yes...but suddenly he sat beside me and asked "boley x sy dok cni?" then i said "hmm..rsnye tmpat org kot..xboley laa"(dlm at m'ronta2 kt xboley)..again he replied "xpe..klu ade org soh die dok c2 (pointing at his seat).....

Haaaaaah!!shitake btol..aku baru jek nk dok dgn aman njoying the chu chu tren...
He started to make a conversation with me...asking this..those n that cuz he claimed that was his first time riding a tren..(wutevaaa!!)
I'm very scared (n I really mean it) when he started to invite me to go with him to the tren's cafe..since that's his first time..he's very excited to find there's a cafe on that tren..I refuse to follow and said that I was full n show him my bekal (actually I was very hungry..ulp!!)
I packed the new black pepper chicken burger from mcD for my dinner...(end up eaten by tok wan on the next day..huhu)..he keep pushing..n pushing till I've lost my words n have to say yes..I cant even drink or eat any of the meal at the cafe although he bought me hot milo drink n sosej bread (end up in the dustbin..ngeee~**konon2 he put spells on it)

We hav a chit chating while he finish his meal..He is an unmarried man who lives alone (family members died already)..a workaholic of cos only n work..n ting!!forget to get married...(cissssss)..he claimed that he has a LOOOOOT of money..(his offering to buy a car for me n giving some pocket money juz say any amount that I wish)...OOooooo strictly a big NO NO NO!!I'm not that desperate...(n If yes..I wont make him as a sugar daddy..woooo!!)

Pleaz get ready with a plastic bags or anything cuz u r going to thrown up wuteva u've eating jez now..His name is Yusof and he wanted me to address him as "YU" .::puke::. (Pg Laaa mmpos PAKCIK!!hiyeeerrrgh!!tlg laaaaaa)

I cannot stop reciting ayt qursi n a few of doa to avoid any bad things...ntah bape kali aku ulang bc..lantak!!huhu...I was so scared!!n only can close my eyes tightly (konon2 cm tido) to avoid him talking to me...n I kept texting to u (muhd anip) cuz I am SCARED!!sorry for disturbing ur nite....wuuuwuuu (_ _!)

I feel very uncomfortable coz I could sense a pair of eyes staring at me....(waaaaa!!nanges dlm at)..when I open my eyes he pretended he's watching muvie at the tv..(siaalaan ini worunk!!)..Suddenly he asked for my phone no n my pics too..n I said NO!!he feel unsatisfied with my answer n kept asking why..(ooooihh!!hello..u'r a pervet stranger!!NO WAY!!)..he touched my shoulder n I was like "isH!!xboley..xboley laa..xphm bahse ke??"-->>dlm at dh nanges...T__T

Ttbe je t'ingt nk msg lisa n I told her my story(luckily she's still awake)...I'm asking for her help by calling my phone so that I could run away...Once the phone ringing I straight away arose from my seat and run to the cafe..did I tell ya that I got trap cuz I sat near the window??It's quite hard for me to get away as he is blocking my way...I broke into tears when I listen to Lisa's voice cuz I feel relieved..THANX MY DEAR!!U r my SAVIOUR...hehe

I sat at the cafe with hunger for 4hrs (n in frightened..who knows he might turn up at the cafe??eee takut!!)b4 i reached my destination...I was very lucky cuz he hop off one stop b4 after he went off the tren I could go and get my luggage...It was very terrible ride of all..n I swear I wont ride a tren alone ANYMORE!!!n If I've to..I'll definitely get on bed or first class coach..lantak ler mahal..jnji selamat...huhu

p/s :-

1) Tok n mommy doesn't know about this..cuz if they know they'll definitely going to be worried..n they'll do a min to min call when I'm travelling...huhu

2) I'm so sorry I scolded u cuz I was acting under stress hoping that u can save me from that pervert!!~**Gomenei...(_ _u)

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