Sunday, October 31, 2010

.:: Bijak!!Mmg Bijak!!

Sopo yg bijak ni??
Have u ever heard about it??
Yesterday I've watched the tv for the first time (I'm not a tv freak)..hehe
The whole family doesn't move an inch from the tv...
What were they watching?? (I wonder)
I thought it was some of Astro Ceria program cuz the show involve school kids and Pak Nil as the host (Pak Nil = Astro Ceria)
HOh??a very interesting edu-tainment show that makes the whole family gather in front of the tv while having tea...
What it's all about??

It is called "Clever Edisi Malaysia" (originated from German)..Clever Edisi Malaysia is a fun packed Scientific Kids Quiz Show which aired on Astro TVIQ,channel 552...It is full of interesting experiments that are sure to conjure up any kids interest in Science (I'm also getting very excited with the experiments) and u can watch the live show every Sunday at 9pm..
Join the TV host Aznil Hj Nawawi as he quizzes participating kids with interesting questions such as how do you make an egg bounce?(interesting rite?) Or can you eat upside down? Watch Mad Scientist, Rafidah Abdullah as she explains in detail how the experiments work in a fun trial and error way...

~** Scientist Rafidah with her experiment

~** Pak Nil - Bijak!!Mmg Bijak!!

The quiz show is participating by 2 schools and only one student will represent their school n they invited 2 malaysian artists to team up with the kids...The winner will receive a certificate and a trophy (I luv the trophy)..Yesterday' show was a repeat programme that involved Sek Keb Semenyih n Sek Keb Bdr Tun Razak futuring Jehan Miskin(with Semenyih) and Azrul (with Bdr Tun Razak )

Not only the audience at the studio shouting out the answer..we who watch at home also shouting our own answer..usually abah will become the winner (xaci laa..cuz he was a science freak) n mak too always hav the correct answer (lg xaci..cuz she was a former science teacher..she had done some of the experiments..xaci..xaci)

Here are some of the questions..I would like test ur science knowledge..Click here for the answer with explaination..

1) Bila hujan,xde lak payung..macam mana kita nak kurang kn kadar kebasahan ?
A) Berjalan
B) Berlari
C) Dua-dua xde beza pon

2) Apekah yg akn berlaku bile natrium 100% di campor kn dgn air?
A) Letupan
B) Pembekuan
C) Pendidihan

3) Macam mana nak jadikn permukaan puding m'gerutu (kn ade bubbles mmbeku) licin n cantik?
A) Guna hair dryer
B) Balut dgn pembalut plastik makanan

4) Mcm mana nk keluarkn telur yg direbus dr sebuah botol yg mmpunyai mulut yg sempit ?
A) Menghayun kn botol dgn kuat
B) Mengetuk botol untuk menghasilkn gelombang bunyi
C) Meniup ke dalam botol dgn kuat

So??how was it??coool rite??lets c how gud r u in science....hehe

p/s :-

1) 2 thumbs up to whom that brings such a gud show to Malaysia..(instead of having stupid reality show)

2) The whole family going to b in front of the tv tonite at 9pm..yeah!!

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