Thursday, October 7, 2010

.:: Panic At The DisC - O ::.

Alhamdulillah.....I've ended one of the most tedious things today...
I've presented my case study about "Disc Degenerative Disease"...
Its ashame that I've to admit to myself that I was not well-prepared...
Thus, I overlooked of one of the term...Sorry guyz for that...
N thank U for helping me by asking question...(hope that I gain marks for that..can rr??cuz I didnt even answer ur question..kih3)
The question is about "discography"..and I would neva forget that for the entire of my life...
Although Mr.Letchu is the most psycho lecurer (probably cuz he taught us psychology) I've eva met..but I do adore his knowledge...

I was very nervous cuz all this while they are team members presenting together..yet,diz time I was left alone..I bet u dont want to know how fast is my heartbeat and I'm sweating in the air-conditioned class....I can feel zillions of butterfliessssssss (being a lil exaggerate) in my stomach...

Although they said the presentation was all ok but I think there's a few unwanted words have slipped out from my lips...Please excuse me boys and gurls...hehe
I cant help myself from adding the "Aaaaaaaaaaaa" after each of my word...I didn't even realized I said that...hoho (_ _")

I was very suprised to found out that mr.letchu was a nano meter besides me(again I've being exaggerate..hihi)...Hoooih!!very unforgetful moment..Did he realized that he was to close??I can even felt his breath...Whether I like it or not I've to stop my presentation n turn to him (the whole class was laughing out loud) with a smirk..."Hmmm,can u reduce the "aaaaaaaa" thing??" I answered to him.."Aaaaaaa(c its jez slipped out)...ok(feel like to slap my forehead!!)" and HAHAHAHAHAHA...the whole class laughed again...(cisssss!!)

At least I try to get rid my "FAV" word (It's reduced as I went further) and manage to the end of the slides...(Phheeewwh!!)

I hate panic attack!!!It makes me do a few of ridiculous thing on this world...~**Lalalalalala...and it's really gave me a worry for my speaking test nextweek....

Ok..that's enuff!!!I'm off to bed now cuz its very disturbing and I want to rest my body 4 a while...2morrow got to stay awake and lend my ears for other 20 cases of presentations...Waaallllaaaaaa!!wut a day....(uhuh uhuh)

p/s :-

1) Nexweek is going to b a hectic week as I've to struggle for our sem 5 final exm...
(now I feel scared)

2) Didn't even bother to have a glance of the notes...
(I'm going to die with my own statement)

3) Start study tomorrow!!!haippp!!Aja2 Fighting!!


  1. I can't stop my mouth from laughing at you when I'm reading this..
    Wahahahah.. XD
    But really your presentation is attractive.. =)

  2. keji tau gelak kn aku...huhu
    attractive ke moon??
    biaq btoi??
    myb cuz my case was a big different from others kot..bnyk sgt case bronchitis..sbb tu sume cm dh bosan..smpai kt aku case len..attractive laa kot...HAHAHAHA (puji diri sndiri)

  3. aiyoh..
    dari kutuk belakang2 bukankah lagi keji??
    (nak gak menang)=P (maaf ye)
    yesz that is really true..
    Ur case is one in only.. hehe..

  4. yelaaaah2...
    aku rela d kutuk..hohoi
    konklusi die carik laa case yg luar biase...
    aku mnyahut seruan sister...
    sbb bile die nk bg medical case aku xnk...
    hamek ko!!surgical punye case..
    nanges nk buat (aku reka cite sket..hihi)
    die kate die nk tgk mmpu ke xmmpu sbb ktorunk mntak kes luar biase...hoho

  5. xpelah.. saye nak try kurang an kutuk2 ni..=P {men kutuk xpe..}
    memang sister mesti tebeliak tengok case kak mas.. hebat!!!

  6. xtau laaa moon..
    nk terbeliak ke t'jojol..