Sunday, November 21, 2010

.:: RandOmizaTion On saBTu DaY ::.

Got nothing to do except for curdle in the blanket on the bed surfing the net 4 today...
Jez a lil bit update on yesterday's activities...
It was an unplanned outing day...
We were left by others (kkak n dakcik overnite..ada,lisa,ateh blk umah)
So the boredom had brought us to Alamanda,Putrajaya...
Thought of watching HP7 and yet its a miracle if we cud watched the new release must c movie of the year by reaching there at 3.30pm.. (seat b'serakan..uhu)
We decided to watch SKYLINE instead of 2 Alam (bweeerrggh!!donload sudeyh)
We also bum onto kkak n dakcik with their couples..hehe (Of all the places??ngaaaa~**)
B4 the show starts...fulfilling our stomach needs (HUNGRY!!!) and step into Noodle Station...
Sorry dakcik cannot follow u to Sushi King..I've to follow the major..ihik
Errmmm..actually not much to say cuz I want u guyz to do less reading in this entry..check out the pics by those camwhore...lalalalalala

~** Me with the Ice Lychee Tea + Seafod Tomyam Noodle....

~** Snap2 while waiting for theirs

~** Ceema with her Choc Shake + Chicken Chop with BP sauce

~** Ella with the Char Kwe Teow + Ice Age..

~** Burp...Alhamdulillah..hehe ^_^

Next...rush to the cinema for was not bad at all..I suggest u to watch if u luv an alien story that'll make u biting the fingernails n ur heartbeats run faster then usual...scaaarrryy!!

~** After the movie...lalalala

Here come to our faveret part..camwhoring at the outside park..posing like a model (perasaaan jap) muaahahaha...jln2 tnpa tujuan will definitely turn into diz...

~** I took urs...

~** U took mine..

~** Poyo Jaah ceema..Pfffttt!!

Later on continue with window shopping...yes!!window shopping...unbelievable!!I only spent not more than RM50..cuz every time I feel like to grab one bag or dress ceema will say NO!!!huwaaaaa....We went to Hajaba, Envee n I went crazy at Nichii..
(u can navigate away if u feel like vomiting after u see my pic )

~** Fitting room as the studio...

~** Luv the colour..(finally I've crush on other than Black n white)..the dress is a bit loose at the boobs chest..

Finally b4 going back we drop by at Rimba Klasik in Bangi for our dinner..the actual plan is to have steamboat at Soho Seafood bt it was closed....

~** Drinks came late...I'm jez having a plate of tauhu bakar + Diabetic Apple Juice..uhuk

Last but not least...I would like to congratulate my dearest beloved comrades on ur engagement...
~** Siti Nadirah Baharuddin
~** Ezyana Hani Effandi

~** Cuns!!I'm sorry for not coming..I'll try my hard to attend ur big day nex year...iA!!

p/s :

1) Nex year is going to be very hectic attending wedding invitation from comrades..yeah!!kenyang 1thn mkn free...hehe

2) Nexweek is DD's wed..sape nk tompang kn aku g Johor??sila angkat tgn...uhuk

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