Friday, November 19, 2010

.:: It's Just The BeGinNing ::.

Salam Aildiladha to all (it's still not to late kn??)
So, how was ur eid celebration??
Hope u enjoy where eva u r...

Diz week I've entered d new chapter of my last sem life...
I do hope for a gud start yet, there are some things appeared to spoil the beginning of the sem...
Hmmm...we'r trying hard to fix everything back...
In fact...+- less than 5 months left b4 d graduation...(cuaaak weyh!!)

Presenting to u d last subjects in d last sem..huhu

PAEH 322.2 - Health Care Delivery
PAPM 321.2 - Pharmaceutical Microbiology
PAPA 321.3 - Instrumental Analysis
PADM 321.2 - Research Study (My research is of the diet pills..huaaa!!!)
PACH 321.4 - Pharmacy Practice

We've jez start learning Health Care Delivery with Dr Ambu and Pharmaceutical Microbs with Miss Anita...I really pray that we could manage to finish d silly-bus by nexweek..cuz we'r gonna sit for the mid-sem exm on 03/12 (Oooh I know..pagal ho gaya huh???) .. After 3 years, I've make use to the s****d schedule by KPJIC... wut's d rush??u better ask them...huhu
I alwiz wanted to study abroad n I would like to thank the KPJ "International" College who had given me the chance to experience the learning environment as d other Oversea's student..mind u!!diz sem lecturers are all specially brought from that bollywood country...likewise I do feel like I'm studying in Chennai,India...Thank u for making me awake for the whole hours of the class jez to open my ears really WIDE to listen for the Ind-glish lecture...(waaaaa!!!I hardly can undertand their slang)

~** Someday I'll reach here...Insyaallah...

Wuteva it is..pleaz pray hard so that I'll make it to the finale...Insyaallah at the end of April 2011 I'll live diz luvly KPJIC and walk through the working life..Hello there!!dear Mr.Money is calling for u!!!hehe ($_$) and u'r welcome to the No Life Era..yeaahhh2!!!(Huwaaaaa!!!) ~** I'll not going to let the things happen..Work is Rock!! (cross finger) Pfffttt!!!

p/s :-

1) I'm going to KPJ Selangor Specialist Hospital (again) 4 my last posting starting from 06/12/10- 30/01/11...Do free to give me a visit at Shah Alam Sek 20..^_^

2) Very disappointed with the facilities in the Microb's Lab...Luckily, I've gone through the Microb's Lab thing in KUTPM (known as MSU now)

3) Timekaseyh atas pelantikan anda suma supaya sy m'jd Biro Hostel..aku baru jek nk b'santai2 jd rakyat biasa..hoh!!keji!!aku mls nk jg korunk sume!!!!ngaaaaa~**


  1. toraaa..jgn lupekan aq klu ko nak p india..hahaahha!yang penting aq nak ikot k..wlaupon aq xbawak ko p jakarta esok,tp pegi utk bejuang =P (jap2,aq rase nak mun..)hahahahhaha..tora..luv u..chaiyok2,t kite bukak pharmacy same2 dpt jd cashier cukup r..janji aq xyah bau gelatin biri2 tuh..

  2. aku xkn lupe kn kwn2 aku...
    tp klu time tu ko dh kawen pas2 hubby ko xkasi ikot aku..aku xley nk wat pape laaa...ngaaa~**
    ko jgn riso..nnT aku kn nk bukak retail pharmacy alaa2 guardian or watson..kilang ubat ag + hospital (uiih tamak bunyi nye)..ko boley dok kt bahgian management..aku kn xreT nk manage2...xpee aku bnarkn ko jd boss kt c2..hehe