Tuesday, November 2, 2010

.:: The Diabetes Tattoo ::.

Morning all~**
Though the sun is still hiding (myb malu nk kuar) but..
I'm feeling gud after applying my home made mask (later can be shared in the next entry)..
Oooh terasa anjal and licin skali kulit den (eventhough got 1 or 2 stubborn bumps)
Neva mind u jez wait for another 1 month I'll get rid of u...(skt at)
So out of the topic..hehe(cut the crap pleaz)
On this gloomy morning...Err,cop2..Have u taken ur bekfes??If yes, u can continue reading..If no, pleaz get ur butt away from ur monitor n gobble some food...(saye adelah bgn pg..HAHAHAHA)
Ok now we continue to our topic for today (mcm nk present dlm klas bi daaa)

Once, I've stumbled upon a very interesting article on diabetes...
Wut attract me to do further reading is regarding the new development for increasing alertness on ur glucose level..HOW??

Scientist at Draper Labaratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, have developed a fluorescent nanosensor that can be injected into the skin, like a tattoo dye, alerting patients to rising glucose levels. As levels rise, the "tattoo" changes colour and fluoresces, telling the user if an insulin shot is needed..It is hoped that the tattoo-about the size of clicker on the end of a ballpoint pen-will replace tedious finger prick blood testing...(very cool isn't it??)
The test's inventor, Dr Heather Clark said that they would like to reach the portion of the population who are not checking glucose levels frequently,and give them a method that is quicker and less painful...

~** Painful blood test...

Hmm..wut say u??the inventing was gud but..will our religion's going to allow this??I think for the sake of health mayb diz could be allow..wut's important is our intention..rite??I might be the unsuitable person to discuss on this matter(due to limited knowledge..hehe)..and I'll promise u that I'm going to bring this matter up to my ustaz or ustazah..Then will later share with u their answers...

p/s :-

(1) Add LESS sugar in ur drinks n add MORE sugar in ur smile...=))

(2) Do a regular medical check up..Almost all of the retail pharmacy in Malaysia offer a glucose level test as lowest as RM5 (u can hav BP check for free too)..wut r u waiting for??hurry b4 its too late....=P

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