Thursday, June 16, 2011

.:: The CLosET sTory ::.

Hallu guyz....
wutcha doing today??
Me??very usual house chores...(almaklum laa suriumah spenoh ms)

Yesterday I unpacked my luggage after 2 months of leaving KPJIC...hihi
No no No(u said I'm lazy bum??)...its bcoz I dont have place to put ol d things laaa (alasan)
After abh bought the thing (wuteva) then mom keep forcing me to arrange the clothes...
she even called n texted me from school to remind...
C how concern she is??hoho...
Since nexweek mayb there's going to b a family gathering held at our me too forcing myself to emptied the luggage...
It was very tiring n even takes the whole day to finish (ok I lie...pfffttttt)
Lisa asked me whether I've found any treasure inside....
Unfortunately, NO!!!bt wut had I've found is............

I actually have a lots n lots lots lots n lots of shirts n jeans.....a few of dresses n blouses....(.::dush!!::.slap myself)

~** mind u..diz is only a few of them (waawaaa)

Usually, I alwiz wore the same shirts n jeans when I go out...n I think ppl wud said "Eyh.mcm pnah tgk laaa bju ni"(hadewhakukesah??)
N my housemate will kept threatening to cut my jeans if i wore it out again.....(do I eva listen??) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I luv to wear sumting that offer comfort regardless it is a koyak2 jeans (Rock babe!!)..hehe

~** a stack of jeans....(when did I bought them??)^_^

Being motivated by that, I've jotted down a list of clothes dat I need to shop letter...Listed according to color n decided to have ol the LUNA's color....HAHAHAHA
seriously I'm going to be broke later...

p/s :-

1) Slap myself coz I didnt even have a penny to buy a sweet....uwaaaaaaaa

2) Or I could make a sale to clear the wardrobe....hoho