Thursday, December 24, 2009

.:: Ro-ZhA-QhI ::.

"Sesungguhnya Allah memberi rezeki kepada siapa yang dikehendakiNya tanpa hisab"Surah Ali Imran ayat 37...

Benar skali spt ape yg tlah Allah firmankn dlm surah d atas...bukTnya spt ape yg telah b'laku pada arini...whre the Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC) had given us a visit wif a"big suprise"..Sbnanye dh ade kaba angin yg b'tiup mngatekn PCMC would come n interview us for the 3rd TIME!!! T'nyata perkara yg ditakuti itu mnjadi 1 knyataan yg amat menyakitkan....huuu

1st thing in the morning they (Pn Sharmeen n Mss Munirah) met with our lecturer..I think,they jez wanted to know regarding our syllabus..Then later we've been given a heart had been broken into pieces...not only me but another 9 hearts...they told us that we've to go through "ANOTHER" interview coz they would only like to select 3 or 4 out of 10 of us....they said..due to the country economic crisis their (PETRONAS) business are starting to shrink...sadly to say that they "HAVE"!!to reduce our no....

Jez imagine how frustrated we are....after they promised us that the last interview was the finale and 10 of us hav been the luckiest from the 12th to get sponsored by them...and it is stated in their emel send to en.mai...according to their emel they will come back for briefing and the agreement...Yet!!!other thing was happen...Sincerely to say...i'm not ready for any interview!!!

While waiting for them in the waiting room...we called cik poji to ask wut had they discussed wif the lecturers???poji said that they only wanted to know briefly abou our syllabus...thats all..myB he realized that ol of us were a lil bit down n frustrated by looking at our pathetic face....huuuuu
Poji said..."Relax..n jez go for d interview...cube kamu tgk...bile2 mase saje kn Allah nk amek blk rezeki die..die,dont b so frustrated..insyaallah rezeki ade kt mane2...yg penting..go inside there answer their questions n dont 4get to SMILE!!!they r not looking at how itelligent r u..or how gud r u in ur ATTITUDE!!!so...plz dont 4get to SMILE...dont worry ok??u have done ur best until u reach diz level n evrybody is very proud of u...."

Suddenly Pn Sharmeen interrupted and called for lisa...THANX SIR...rase sket relief bcoz we were tensed up by the suprising calling was for me and I dont want to discuss about wut i've gone through in d conference room wif we'r jez having a chitchating session...huhu

We also express our dissappointment to them for not keeping their promise...we've been forbiden by the management form attending the KPJ hospital interview bcoz konon2 we already have now!!!look wut've happen.....that's why we r very frustrated...they keep telling us that we still can apply for a job wif again!!that's not wut we'r looking 4ward to...coz last time they have confirmed us as their sponsorship receiver...

I would like to acknowledge my
1)MOM & DAD coz they alwiz give their full support...mak said.."bnyk2 laaa doa"..nnT mak doakn jugak...aamiien..LUV u guyz so MAC!!
2)Cik poji for being our pnyelamat mood..huhu (I owe u a lot sir..ehe)
3) Nippo ji..thanx 4 always being there 4 me when i'm in need...Miss Yaaaa mac!!
4) Big Bro,Bedi...thank u 4 d kata2 nasehat...u almost make me cry...huhu

Without u life would b miserable...furthermore,i'd gone through a very stressful day in pass few days..n now another problem is added...THANX a BUNCH!!!

"Kita selalu lupa atau jarang ingat apa yang kita miliki, tetapi kita sering kali ingat apa yang orang lain ada."

~** Yakinlah REZEKI itu dr ALLAH **

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