Tuesday, December 22, 2009

.:: KeHiLangaN mu saYang....

After a long silent..i came back wif a very sad story of mine..huuuuuu
on thE 20/12/09 i've lost my beloved one..isk3
so daMn precioUs thinG in My Life..
I stiLl in a shoCk staTe n canT believe daT i've neva eVa been given a chance 2 say at leasT a warm gudBye..(poyo jek)..myB it is All my False 4 being careless...
b4 i'm goIng to "blibeR" xtnTu pasAl..
let us tuRn to The deC 20th......


I've planned to watch movies wiF lisa n gave an accompany to shop 4 her xmas@bdaY party dress on 19th it doesn't appear to be..dat day i woke up at 12.30pm n she went out wif amir 4 a midnite movie n overnite at wanie's house...instead of going wif her,i've persuaded syima to "teman" me..we've decided to lepak in sremban only n watched movies at Terminal 1..

afteR movies we gobbled(lapa sgt..hihi) our prosperity 4 lunch n then did a window shopping(aku je kot yg window shopping sbb syima beli baju)..tawaf stiap floor kt c2..lalu kt cimb ttbe rs cm nk ceq duit..bcoz it's very mysterious dat there's no money inside where as abah had bank in last thursday..i'm jez checking again..n btol xde jugak duit...i jez took my acc no in case klu silap bank in msk acc org my abah keep telling me dat he banked in in my acc coz my name appeared...(xpelaaa)

Then we went to diz kedai buku n i've bought NUR..(ttbe jek..xpnah2 beli pon..hehe)...we went to accessories shop 4 a sec n then stopped by "kedai2 tudung"..n then syima ajak blk bcoz we've nothing to do...dat time was at 4.30pm when i realized my "syg" is gone..coz I asked syima "nk beli pape x b4 blk??"(smbil tgn raba2 beg carik my "syg")n........

me::. syima..purse aku kt ko ke??
syima::. mn de aku pegang..
me::. pg ni??xde pon dlm beg..(carik sume celah..sisi n sudut beg)
syima::. jom laa kite carik...

We went back to d kedai buku carik n ask d stil cant find..(dat bookshop personel mcm xpaham melayu sbb bile tnye "ade nmpak purse x??"die blur2..syima siap tnye.."hav u seen a wallet??u know wallet??dompet??purse??..(HAHAHA)org tu hnya geleng2 jek...
pas2 i suggested dat we do a lakonan smule on wut we've done starting from d bank till to d kedai tdg...we did dat for almost 10x...syima ckp last die nmpak purse tu after i paid the mag..mmg pon..initially i thought of putting it inside d plastic bag contain d mag bt d purse was 2 heavy n i THINK i put it into d bag...waallhua'lam klu jatoh n we didnt realize...
Tp xmgkin xperasan bcoz my tote bag was on the left side which syima was there beside me n we were walking as slow as snail..huhu

It is vry impossible 2 anyone nk amek purse dlm bag bcoz i can feel it even a very graceful movement...n we've done a few demonstrations..(org lalu lalang tgk jek)..we walk out from d building sbb nk carik balai polis nk wat report..malang nye xde...i've been sitting on dat tembok for almost 1hr doing nothing bt t'menong only...otak dh blank sgt2 n xtau nk ckp kt sape..
i've texted nippo ji of wut had hapen coz dats d only person suddenly came accross to my mind..then suddenly aku t'ingat cik poji (my microb lecturer in sem 2@my fello@my geng)..i told him n he asked me to be back in mantin n he'll bring me to lodge d police report...(TQ sir)..i've told bedi n i dunno y i shed a tears when i told him??mgkin bebel bnyk sgt kot bedi..although he's not intended to scold me bt i felt like i've been scolded..hehe
Pas mgrib pg wat report then inform my mom..sorry mom!!kkak xnk mak risau..kang asek tepon tanye n i would b very miserable..sorry n thanx to abah coz u hav to bank in d money again..huhu

ahaaah!!the purse contain........

1) small sum of money RM + Rupiah (nk 10 000 rupiah lak pasni tau nippo..hehe)
2) mykad n driving licence
3) 4 bankcards ( CIMB,Mybank,BSN n Muamalat)
4) Insurans card (Takaful..worth 4 RM50000)
5) Touch n Go (worth 4 RM30..huhu)
6) Membership card (J-card,GreenBox,Hinode)
7) studenT id (KMK n memory isk3)
8) Bus Ticket to Prt.Buntar (an open ticket worth 4 RM45 coz it's a super VIP seat..huuu)
9) SeTeM Hasil (worth 4 RM20)
10) Pics ( Nik saRa n izwaa + my Mucuuuk,Qurot)

I dont really care about the money coz i still can hav it(mntak abah jek..hehe)bt ol d memories r gone 2gether...bak kate anip..ade hikmahnye......huhu
i get motivated after reading a very interesting article in NUR..perhaps i could share wif u guyz later in the next post...
LBNL..Thanx to ol 4 d support n i'm very lucky to hav u guyz..especially mak n abah..LUV YAA..

Figure 1. My Syg in memory....

.:: SesUnggUHnya kaMi miLik aLLaH daN akN kmBaLi kPd-Nya..Ya aLLAh!!KPd mu aKu mmBeriTahukn muSibAh yg Aku deriTai inI. MaKa berILah aku GanJaraN kRn nYa daN tuKar Lah muSibaH itU dgN keBajiKan ::. amiiN ya RaabBaL a'Lamin ~**

p/s :-

1) going through a very hectic life..cramp timetable!!!

2)masih xde mykad..sok baru nk g JPN..huhu

3)i've become an alert person now..huhu

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